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Category A10. B2B
Production THE CABS Marne La Vallee, FRANCE
Additional Company LE CHERCHE MIDI Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Pierre Callegari HEREZIE GROUP Chief Operating Officer
Andrea Stillacci HEREZIE GROUP Chief Executive Officer
Arno Pons HEREZIE GROUP Managing Partner
Baptiste Clinet HEREZIE GROUP Executive Creative Director
Joseph Dubruque HEREZIE GROUP Creative
Axel Didon HEREZIE GROUP Creative
Raphael Stein HEREZIE GROUP Creative
Paul Marty HEREZIE GROUP Head of Social Media
Barbara Vaira HEREZIE GROUP Head of TV Production
Elodie Poupeau HEREZIE GROUP Agency TV Producer
Diane Darricau HEREZIE GROUP Account Manager
The CABS The CABS Director/Post-production
Maria Felix Frazao Le Cherche Midi Book Editor
Fabienne Waks Le Cherche Midi Copy Editor
Brigitte Trichet Le Cherche Midi Production Editor
Salime Nassur Google Cloud France Head of Marketing
Jonathan Hadida Google Cloud France Head of Entreprise Marketing
Shanika Weligama Google Cloud France Marketing Content Manager
Maxime Gilloteaux Google Cloud France Marketing Campaign Manager
Alix D'Anselme independent Illustrator

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

“Google Cloud has changed the face of prospecting forever” said Franz Olivier Giesbert, the only journalist to be made aware of the operation. We helped Google Cloud reach out directly to the most unreachable top executives in France. With a team of writers, we transformed accurate, predictive data on markets, collected with Google Cloud tools, into a brand new genre of books: biographies of anticipation, telling the plausible future life stories of 10 top executives, based on data analysis of their markets. These executives were able to own the most personalized book ever, prefaced by the world-famous economist Jacques Attali.


Google Cloud’s pioneering data analytics and machine learning services help companies solve real business problems and gain a competitive edge no other cloud provider can offer. They are engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on businesses, giving each company the flexibility to scale quickly, and predict easily the upcoming evolution of its market. To put it differently, they’re very innovative tools every CEO should be using to manage the 5 coming years. Google Cloud wanted to reach the top executives in France so they could become familiar with these services.

Describe the creative idea

To show the power of Google Cloud, we set up a full-scale demonstration by analysing the 10 business markets of 10 CEOs. Extremely accurate and predictive data was collected. Then we used and reshaped them into a brand new genre of book. With the help of writers from Le Cherche Midi (one of the top 10 publishing houses in France), we created the 10 first “biographies of anticipation”, explaining the potential future lives these executives could have if they accepted to meet with the Google Cloud team.

Describe the strategy

“Don’t tell, show.” So we showed the power of Google Cloud by using... Google Cloud. We wanted to create a brand new form of data interpretation. It was a real and great challenge for the writers and analysts: over a period of more than 6 months, they had to translate numbers into words, analysis into stories, in the aim of writing the most emotional and accurate future for the 10 top executives. They could then hold in their hands the most personalized book ever, prefaced by the world famous economist Jacques Attali. A brand new way of prospecting...

Describe the execution

The collection consisted of 10 books, each published in one single example, telling the 10 stories, each 60 pages long, and prefaced by the world famous economist Jacques Attali. For obvious reasons of confidentiality, the information gathered wasn’t available to the media and only the person concerned had access to the entire and uncensored version of their book. The cover featured an illustrated portrait of the targeted CEO by the talented artist, Alix d’Anselme. Each book was individually delivered to each CEO, with the name and contact information of the Head of Marketing at Google Cloud.

List the results

Results were all about convincing the 10 targeted CEOs. No one else. So far, 3 out of the 10 have contacted Google Cloud and 2 of them have already started to work together. This represents business ventures of 650k and 340k euros.