Category A12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Name Company Position
Iurii Gorbachevskyi Adsapience Creative Director
Julia Pysmenna Adsapience Communications Director
Nadia Barmashina Adsapience Senior Copywriter
Irina Lukienko Adsapience Junior Copywriter
Yulia Litvishkova Adsapience Designer
Yana Gryva Adsapience Illustrator
Marina Bai Adsapience PR manager
Emily Flegal Gubler voices.com Voice talent

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Every spring our agency faces an important B2B challenge — to congratulate our partners on the 8th of March. So, we founded an important insight that has led us to a prominent corporate gift idea for our partners: the special wallet with symbolic "rights" - this is what we call a driving license in our country. We filled every compartment of the wallet with symbolic license-rights based on values voiced by #bouquetchallenge flashmob.


National holidays remain an important tool of strengthening connections and loyalty between advertising agencies and its clients. To impress the clients, agencies compete in creativity of its congratulations: they try it all – from greeting e-cards and Champaign& sweets-buckets to portraits and poems. But is it possible to benefit from such an ordinal cause as client’ greeting and make all industry talk about you or even receive a broader response?

Describe the creative idea

As the International Women’s Day is one of the most debated holiday in Ukrainian society the choosing of the presents and greetings is a hard part. Women also perceive this Day differently: someone may be outraged just by being complimented on Women’s Day; the other would find missing congratulation as a rude gesture. Instead of assuming whom and how to celebrate, we decided to enable women to become the leading voice of the Day and to shift the focus from men’s discussion “how to celebrate” to the level of wider public discussion of holiday itself.

Describe the strategy

International Women’s Day is a traditional holyday with a heritage surrounded by such “modern women’ best friends” presents as blenders, frying pans and irons. Clients and agencies are having all of those housekeeping kits as a “dream prize” of its promos… never've been asking women about their point of view.

Describe the execution

As flowers’ bunch (buket in Ukrainian) is a traditional and wide known symbol of the Women’s Day it was chosen as an object of a virtual staffette on a FB during which women were able to voice their thoughts and express attitude with regard to this holiday. The eve of the holiday, Adsapience agency CEO via short FB video addressing to its clients and partners had called on women to voice and share their attitude regarding Women’s Day using #buketchallenge.

List the results

Many women had responded to our invitation to join the public discussion on the topic of the holiday. As the result of the campaign, we’d reached over 13,000 FB users. Moreover, the topic of the discussion turned out to be more profound than just a conversation about a single holiday. We have been able to raise the topic of the women’s rights and contribution in a life of modern society. That resulted in 500K media impressions reached in just 5 days and mentioning of the challenge in a top news of BBC News Ukraine, Pravda.com and Radio Svoboda. Agency’ case had managed to receive broad publicity as well as many women’ words have been able to sound loud and demonstrate the power of women’ voice.