Category A08. Leisure
Product/ServiceNORSK TIPPING
Idea Creation TRY REKLAME Oslo, NORWAY
Production APT Oslo, NORWAY
Production 2 TANGRYSTAN Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Jonas Grønnern TRY Copywriter
Lars-Kristian Harveg TRY AD
Magnus Bergman Apt Developer
Christopher Køltzow Apt Web designer
Sebastian Rasch TRY AD
Mads Krogh TRY Copywriter
Lars Mitlid TRY Account Supervisor
Cecilie Thue TRY Account Manager
Cecilie Fastbender Apt Digital producer
Inge Fosseie TRY Designer
Thomas Fuglem TRY Digital designer
Kyril Dementiev Apt editor, after effects
Kim Jensen Apt Sound designer
Ida & Andreas Tangrystan Productions Directors
Beate Tangre Tangrystan Productions Film Producer

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

This campaign gave people the chance to experience the thrill of a lottery, through their mobiles. Making way for directly targeting 12% of Norways population with a wake-up call every morning for a week.


Located in a small town called Hamar, the national lottery is a big thing in Norway. They have held a draw every Saturday on national tv since the start in 1986, and they call you if you win. Making the phone call from Hamar the most desired phone call in Norway. Actually, «The phone call from Hamar» has turned in to a cultural saying, meaning suddenly becoming a millionaire. Over the last years they have struggled to attract new players, though. With falling boradcast ratings, and aggressive competition from foreign online casinos they needed to engage those under 40 in a new way.

Describe the creative idea

The wake up call from Hamar Set the alarm – Dream sweet dreams – And wake-up a milionaire. We invited everyone in Norway to schedule a wake-up call from the famous Hamar phone, every morning for five days, with the chance to wake up to a million kroner. Adding the National Lottery contact card, they also faced our name and logo every time they got a call. By taking our tradition for calling people, and making it into a wake-up service, we demonstrated what our lotteries are about, while making a direct and personal channel to 12% of Norways population (18+).

Describe the strategy

So, how to get 12% of Norways population to wake up to an ad? The thrilling sensation of waiting for a phone call from Hamar is hard to describe to those who have never bought a ticket (or forgotten how it feels). And the feeling you get when your mobile calls and the number (or name and logo) of the lottery turns up in your display, has been reserved for the very few. With the wake-up call from Hamar we aimed to engage the younger generations, by making a different and more accessible sort of lottery. It also cemented our slogan: Give your dream a shot. After experiencing wake-up calls from Hamar for a week, people probably wants Hamar to call them again. And the only way to make that happen, is by getting a ticket in the lottery.

Describe the execution

The idea is developed for, and based around, the mobile phone. The site are made with the functions of a standard digital alarm clock, designed with easy steps for ordering wake-up calls for the following week. We got the emloyee knowned for making the Hamar calls, to record five different wake ups, one for each day, sounding as natural as possible. On Monday morning we started waking people up, making calls until Friday morning the same week. To make all the calls, the back end system was developed manage up to 100 calls pr. second. People got invited between 08/10 and 18/10 to set their alarms through a promotional campaign mostly led by social media. Please watch the added video for site tutorial and promos.

List the results

492 679 people signed up for wake-up calls, leaving us their name and phone number. That is 12% of Norways population old enough to join. Over 50% of them downloaded the contact card, facing our name and new logo every time we made a call. We made over 2 million uniqe wake-up calls in 5 days. The promo reached 552 000 organic views on Facebook. 77% of all visitors on the site, ended up ordering wake-up calls. The campaign led to a 360% increase in new customers, compared to the weeks before launching.