Category F03. Experience Design
Entrant GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Caroline Thunved The Guides and Scouts of Sweden Director of Marketing and Communications
Sara Zachrisson Project Manager Communications
Petter Ödeen Garbergs Creative Director
Ellinor Ekström Garbergs Art Director
Beatrice Sztanska Garbergs Graphic Design
Anna Alfonzetti Anna Alfonzetti Account Manager
Anna Hugosson Garbergs - Film Photographer
Najeb Albakar Garbergs - Film Retusch
Per Forssberg Garbergs Copywriter
Jacob Frisk Garbergs Art Director
Jan Lindforss Garbergs Account Director
Boris Mursin Garbergs Photographer
Kamila Halid Garbergs - Film Offline editor
Adam Lundberg The Guides and Scouts of Sweden Client
Farshad Shadloo Google Sweden Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Sweden and Finland
Andrea Lewis-Åkerman Google Sweden Communications & Public Affairs Sr. Associate
Northkingdom Northkingdom Production company
Louise Bergén Hedberg & Partners PR
Robin Lidbom Garbergs - Film Motion Creative

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Scout View is reaching out direct both to local Scout organizations and to the public interested in outdoor activities through Google Maps. It created a pride in the local community and everyone could also view the actual Scouts creating the trails when walking the trail on Google Maps. You can follow the progress direct on Google Maps and


• Situation The Scouts in Sweden is growing and want to continue do so. It´s a contemporary organization that embraces new technology. • Brief Show that The Scouts is up to date and an attractive activity for children. • Objectives

Describe the creative idea

Today everyone can go practically everywhere using Google Street View. But only as far as the roads reach. To the Scouts, the woods are home ground. Our trails start where the streets end. Through Scout View it´s easy to join us on a hike. The project is a collaboration where Scouts share their knowledge and Google provides the cameras, technology and support. The trails are accessible through Google Maps and collected on

Describe the strategy

Local press, tech media and sites, national news and social media targeted against children over 14 years old and their parents

Describe the execution

Scout View is an innovative use of Google Map's intensified focus on user-generated content. By identifying the fact that Google Street View almost only covers the regular roads, the project could complement the image of Swedish nature and use it as a space for communication. Those who take a virtual walk in the woods will discover that it’s full of scouts. Scout View is an important part of changing the image of scouts to a contemporary youth activity embracing new technology. The trails are accessible through Google Maps and collected on In June 2017 the internal work to involve the 1000 Scout corps in Sweden. The first Scout View expeditions with the Google camera took place in September and were documented. The film was used to spread the word to other corps and both local and international media and the site and project was launched in November.

List the results

Scout View has generated hundreds of news stories, many in local media both in tv and press where different scout corps get to tell about the project. At the same time, it has attracted interest all over the world and the international scout movement's central organizations with over 65 million scouts in 159 countries wants to be part of a global adaptation of the project. An international adaptation of the project will launch later this year with over 65 million scouts in 159 countries interested in joining. The campaign has reached over 500.000 in social media. And the Google Instagram posted a Scout View film has more than 6.2 million followers. The post got 87.5k Likes, 1,568 Comments and was also posted on Googles Facebook in Sweden. And more kids thought it was a good idea to join the Swedish Scouts. The membership has grown with 4% since last year.