Category A07. Travel
Name Company Position
Yannic Pluymackers lastminute.com CMO lastminute.com
Elena Galli lastminute.com Head of Brand Marketing lastminute.com
Helen Saul lastminute.com Brand Manager lastminute.com
Dave Monk Publicis London Executive Creative Director Publicis London
Paul Hogarth Publicis London Creative Director Publicis London
Alessia Dordoni lastminute.com Head of Content lastminute.com
Sandra Bold, Victor Bustani, Ricardo Porto Publicis London Creative team Publicis London
Jacob Niedzwiecki lastminute.com Content Producer lastminute.com
Emma Turner Publicis London Business lead Publicis London
Miguel Roca lastminute.com Content Producer lastminute.com
Dom Boyd Publicis London Startegy
Alessandro Noseda lastminute.com Creative Director lastminute.com

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

One of the main goals of our whatever makes you pink campaign is to drive people to our website and increase bookings. In order to maximise results, all our creative across all our channels had a strong focus on our products and a clear call to action. With a scalable and programmatic approach, we were able to target different users with different messages on different platforms.


The online travel industry is a highly competitive landscape, where it's hard to have a strong product differentiation and where industry leaders make big investments in order to maintain their market share. Our brief covered the objectives we wanted to achieve with this campaign: - Stand out from competitors, with a recognisable campaign, with clear and distinctive elements, that can increase top of mind and spontaneous brand awareness - Gain and oversee a specific communication area, that clearly identifies our brand - Moving to the experience and emotional side of travel: communicate lastminute.com as a more inspirational brand that lets everyone, anywhere make the most out of their life doing what they love, travelling and experiencing the world. - Increase traffic and bookings on our website, with a clear call to action

Describe the creative idea

On lastminute.com we can’t stop being what we are, authentic, bold, jazzy, switched-on, inspiring. And pink. Like flamingos, who - in fact - aren’t born pink but they turn pink doing what they love: eating shrimp. This insight resonates perfectly with our brand purpose of inviting people to 'get busy living' by doing more of what they love and making the most of their life through travel. This led us to our new brand slogan, 'Whatever makes you pink', applied to all of our creative, which has created a consistent message throughout the campaign.

Describe the strategy

We wanted to GET: DINKS (Double Income, no kids), and group of friends in the UK, IT and FR TO: consider booking holidays with lastminute.com BY: getting excited about the amazing experiences you can enjoy We turned the production model around - from TV brand led to social response led. We made it successful by combining emotional brand elements with hard working call-to-actions and used an algorithmic approach to reach the right people. We executed these objectives through two big creative elements - adaptable to our different target audiences, markets, formats, products and channels across Europe - both of which starred our iconic campaign mascot: - 'feathers', a CGI flamingo production - 'flamoji', a set of animated flamingo emojis We produced 1000s of variations of the original flamingo for social platforms to fit the many and diverse holiday destinations, packages and experiences we offer. Creative video structure: Enagagement-product integration-CTA

Describe the execution

Starting from March 2018 our campaign was live with a PESO approach to content (Paid-Earned-Shared-Owned), leveraging our platforms and expanding to third party media. Our website and user journey were customised with the campaign elements of flamingo and flamojis Social campaign: always on with different creatives and messages Giphy channel with our animated flamojis Tv: 2 tv spots in UK, France, Italy (April-May+June-August) OOH: Static Billboards and Digital mega screen (April), Full wrap buses (June) Retargeting, Affiliates, CRM: always on All creative had a strong and clear CTA Thanks to a scalable and flexible production model we were able to easily adapt our campaign to different messages and different media placements. How did we scale a complex CGI production? We created 20 different flamingo movements, we matched them with different destination backgrounds and we added different products and call to actions, based on channels and targeted users.

List the results

Since we launched this campaign our communication become much more effective, we saw an increasing CTR and a longer completion rate of our creatives. These are some of the most remarkable results that we got: Reach: + 500 million people reached across different platforms and countries Engagement: + 10 million volume of engagement on social Sales: + 25% increase since the launch of the campaign Visits: 58% decrease in the cost of visits to our website (YOY, similar campaign)