Category A06. Retail
Product/Service2019 IKEA CATALOGUE
Entrant STV DDB Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation STV DDB Milan, ITALY
Production DADOMANI Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Luca Cortesini DDB Group Italy Executive Creative Director
Gabriele Caeti DDB Group Italy Executive Creative Director
Matteo Pozzi DDB Group Italy Client Creative Director
Samantha Scaloni DDB Group Italy Client Creative Director
Pierpaolo Bivio DDB Group Italy Art Director
Luca Diotti DDB Group Italy Art Director
Camilla Nani DDB Group Italy Copywriter
Davide Bergna DDB Group Italy Account Director
Azzurra Ricevuti DDB Group Italy Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

This work is highly relevant for the Direct category because our campaign was tailored for IKEA enthusiasts and fans who couldn’t wait to receive the new IKEA catalogue and really, deeply love IKEA little wood pencils. To boost the effectiveness of our campaign, we also collaborated with different influencers and italian celebrities that received a copy of our special new IKEA pencil directly at home. For a total amount of 1 million pencils distributed.


The annual release of the IKEA catalogue is the brand’s most important moment of the year. With its 300 pages full of products and ideas, this world-renowned interior bible serves as a true inspiration guide for consumers and comes with plenty to choose from. Whenever it comes out, in fact, people start rethinking everything like crazy: from the color of the new duvet covers they really desire to the pattern of the 24th handwoven basket they need in the house. That’s why we’ve thought of something to help people with their constant changes of mind.

Describe the creative idea

The IKEA Catalogue is a key driver for sales and change in consumers’ home. And whenever a new edition is released, people start changing their minds over and over again. To facilitate them, we revolutionized a timeless, deeply loved brand icon, the IKEA pencil, adding a tiny, blue rubber to it. Our special IKEA pencil, equipped with an eraser for the first time in history, was a real enabler of change. Thanks to our revolutionary idea, every consumers’ idea and solution could be written and changed. And changed. And changed

Describe the strategy

The influencer strategy consisted in boosting the revolutionary idea of “the rubber on the pencil” through different channels. During the launch phase, hundreds of “Pencil Packs” have been sent to influencers and journalists in a personalized version: the pack contained the Blyertspenna and the 2019 IKEA catalogue with a personalized message. The operation became also an integrated campaign: it was launched on the brand’s main social network pages with a dedicated video, that emphasized the limited and exclusive pencil edition. The Catalogue release is always something people are looking forward; this year, we added this moment a special flavor, widening the concept of “We are meant to change”. IKEA, through this small revolution, allowed people to change their minds infinite times, reworking and rethinking plans continuously. The tiny rubber was, in some way, a big revolution, because it was the first idea for people’s “ever-changing ideas”.

Describe the execution

The release of the video was followed by a direct mailing of the new 2019 catalogue accompanied by the pencil with eraser. This was sent to 100 of the top influencers and bloggers in Italy, for a total amount of over 1 million pencils distributed.

List the results

26 MILLION total reach 1 MILLION pencils distributed +200% instore traffic +240% catalogue search rate