Category A05. Automotive
Product/ServicePEUGEOT 508
Entrant BETC Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation BETC Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 GUM Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Rémi Babinet BETC CCO
Antoine Choque BETC Executive Creative Director
David Martin Angelus BETC Creative Director
Antoine Montes BETC Art Director
Ibrahim Seck BETC Copywriter
Guillaume Martin BETC Head of Strategy
Adrien Torres BETC Account planner
Vincent Colonna-Cesari BETC Engagement planner
Thibault Blacque-Belair BETC TV Producer
Slim Trabelsi BETC Post producer
Riopy NA Composer
Karim Naceur BETC Head of production
Patrick Duroux NA DOP
John S. Park BETC Director
Henri Tripard, Tiphaine Du-Plessis, Nabila Rakibi, Annaëlle Foy, Mathilde Sikorsky BETC Agency Management
Jean-Philippe Imparato, Thierry Lonziano, Nuno Marques, Nathalie Lemaitre, Elodie Bugat Peugeot Brand Management

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We worked with Riopy, renowned pianist and composer who worked on the soundtracks of Oscar-winning films such as ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘The Shape of Water’, to write an original song that could be played by the new Peugeot 508 on a life-size musical score. The challenge was not only to create a beautiful piece of music but to make sure it could be played continuously by a car. We created a track of over 2 kilometers with190 music notes. Thanks to laser sensors mounted underneath the car, the Peugeot 508 was able to trigger each piano note by rolling precisely over each note. To reinforce the performance, an orchestra accompanied Riopy through a screen thanks to a drone that flew above the car. The second car that played the drums also helped create a dramatic climax in our song.