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Category D01. Screens & Events
Product/ServiceGENDER PAY GAP
Entrant McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Production LEE FILMS Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Mónica Moro McCann Chief Creative Officer
Raquel Martínez, Jon Lavín McCann Executive Creative Directors
Ander Mendivil, Ricardo Rovira McCann Creative Directors
Mónica Moro, Ander Mendivil McCann Copywriters
Ricardo Rovira, Manuel Arranz McCann Art Directors
Enrique Moreno McCann Technical Director
Marta Torrecillas, Elisa López McCann Account team
Mercedes García McCann Agency Producer
Sega / Fede Lee Films Film Directors
Ángel Recio Lee Films Executive Producer
Iván Fernández Lee Films Producer
Frank Cañizares Lee Films Post production Manager

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This campaign is built on a premise as ridiculous as it is astonishing; i.e. porn actors protesting for equal pay. Advertising, through creativity, has the ability to cause indignation and this is what we are after with this campaign. While many other campaigns have dealt with the issue, we are taking this conversation to a deeper level and address the obscenity of income inequality. Do all women have to become porn actresses to earn more than a men?. This campaign expresses, in an original and highly revealing way, a problem that must be solved as soon as possible.