Short List
Category B04. Consumer Durables
Product/ServiceHIFI KLUBBEN
Entrant &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement MEDIACOM Arhus, DENMARK
Production BACON Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Thomas Hoffmann & Co. / NoA Creative Director
Martin Storgaard & Co. / NoA Art Director
Kristian Eilertsen & Co. / NoA Copy writter
Martin Werner Bacon Director
Lasse Frank Bacon Director of Photography
Samuel Cantor Bacon Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We live in a time where no one listens. But remember, listening is a gift. It can turn everything upside down. This powerful film for HiFi Klubben urges us all to listen to each other, to the other side of the story and to the World around us. The story is told from an unexpected perspective by a presenter who was born deaf. He reminds us of the power of listening and invites us all to join a community of like-minded listeners at HiFi Klubben.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

HiFi Klubben is a Nordic retailer that sells quality hifi-products with a very strong focus on sound quality. They’re known as the region’s leading experts on quality hifi and great sound, and HiFi Klubben is the go-to store for anyone looking for the best in speakers, amps, turntables and streaming systems.