Category A11. Consumer Services
Entrant CONCEPT Istanbul, TURKEY
Idea Creation CONCEPT Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement MINDSHARE TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Cisil Akogul Gultekin Concept Account Manager
Hilal Kinaliada Concept Producer
Mert Turan Concept Producer
Ersel Hira Concept Art Director
Elif Setenci Concept Copywriter
Mert Guler Concept Copywriter
Serkan Gultekin Concept Art Director
Sedat Dundar Concept Creative Director
Umut Dizdar Concept Creative Director
Kerem Ozkut Concept Executive Creative Director
Iris Concept Creative

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

At a time when materialism is more prevalent than ever before, we witness the purity of a father and daughter’s relationship. The story captivates the audience by jumping between two timelines: in it, a father bids farewell to his daughter, who was recently in a serious traffic accident. The father’s perspective reminds us once again that the most important thing in life is the health and happiness of our loved ones, and we end with the message, “Each time you get on the road, Allianz is with you and your loved ones.”

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Turkey is a country that strives for modernity while remaining closely tied to its roots and traditions. Often, parents and elderly relatives are the ones who try to sustain Turkish family culture and customs. One of the most salient aspects of this culture is the strong bond between fathers and daughters. Since fathers believe their daughters are more susceptible to outside dangers than their sons, they often want to keep their girls close so they can provide guidance. Although there’s been a shift in this convention over the years, it’s still considered “too modern” for Turkish society. As daughters hold a special place in their hearts, fathers grow emotional when their daughters leave the nest, even if it’s for “good” reasons like education, marriage, or career. Fathers who reluctantly agree to send their daughters away do so only after taking every precaution they can to protect their girls.