Short List
Category A02. Applied Innovation
Production 2 UNIT London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 2 POKE London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 3 CRISP THINKING London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 4 NDL GROUP London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Owen Lee FCB Inferno CCO
Martin McAllister FCB Inferno Creative Director
Jono Owens FCB Inferno Senior Art Director
Kris Wheater FCB Inferno Senior Copy Writer
Hollie Loxley FCB Inferno Managing Partner
Kirsten Barnes FCB Inferno Senior Account Director
Hannah Thorn FCB Inferno Account Director
Mike Jenkins FCB Inferno Head of Digital Delivery
Bridie Scriven FCB Inferno Senior Project Manager
Livvy Tidd FCB Inferno Project Manager
Emily Wiles FCB Inferno Account Executive
Alison Cooper FCB Inferno Producer
Marcus Richardson FCB Inferno Strategy Director
CC Clark FCB Inferno Director of PR & Comms
Richard Bagley FCB Inferno Artworker
Steve Clark FCB Inferno Artworker
Andrew Garrihy Huawei Chief Marketing Officer, Western Europe
Avikar Jolly Huawei Marketing Director Western Europe
Louise Forbes Huawei Campaign Director Western Europe
Chris Howett Huawei Digital Marketing Director
Yentl Bresseleers MediaMonks Senior Producer
Paterno Oodong Wavemaker Activation Partner
Richard Stowey Poke Delivery Manager
Alessandro Benedetti Poke Producer
Marvin Engel Poke Project Management

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

As a relatively unknown brand in the premium smartphone space, Huawei wanted to demonstrate its superior technology and camera performance to photography lovers across Europe. The challenge was getting Huawei’s innovative technology into the hands of its audience at scale, and give them a reason to engage with it.


Huawei had just launched it’s P20 Pro, a smartphone powered by Artificial Intelligence and packed full of innovation into a category that was beginning to lack any. But with brand loyalty in camera phones as high as 70%* we asked ourselves how do you convince Europeans that an AI phone from a lesser known brand is photographically superior to the phone they know and love? *Merrill Lynch Global Research 2018

Describe the idea

The World’s first photography competition judged by a phone. The war in smartphones is fought in photography, dominated by bigger brands. So, to get the AI-powered Huawei P20 Pro noticed by our photo-loving audience we decided not show a single one of its photos, we got it to judge everyone else’s instead. Using 4 million professional images we trained the P20 Pro’s AI to judge the beauty of any photo. We then needed a way to deliver the campaign at scale to our audience, allowing individual image rating, moderating and responses in real time. So we created a Chatbot delivered through Facebook Messenger allowing the AI to speak for itself, offer advice, walk people through how to enter, and to share their results.

What were the key dates in the development process?

1st September 2017 – Kirin 970 mobile chipset announced. Amongst the 970’s enhancements are a more powerful Mali G72 GPU and a new Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU) designed for AI acceleration. These allow for real time computer vision such as object recognition, and near real time high resolution image correction. 27th March - The Huawei P20 Pro is released with the new Kirin 970 chipset. 1st April – Huawei release HiAI, its AI engine for smart devices, allowing 3rd party developers to take advantage of its NPU. One of the HiAI api functions is Aesthetic Scoring. This function is used within the P20 Pro as part of the smart gallery, enlarging an owners best images from any single date or place. It was trained on 4 million images judged by professional photographers and picture editors. The algorithm breaks down several factors including, but not limited to, composition, colour, focus, jitter and subject. This involves it using other AI functions such as HiVision, HiAI’s computer vision engine. Based on all these factors, the algorithm returns a score out of 100 for the image. July 2018 – Built an android app and a second API to pass users’ images for Facebook Messenger to an actual handset, Aesthetically scoring images within a few milliseconds and returning the score.

Describe the innovation/technology

The P20 Pro’s Aesthetic Scoring algorithm only works on device, utilising the Kirin 970’s AI accelerated hardware. It was trained on 4 million images and intended to help users surface their best images. We took this innovation and applied it to a marketing campaign to find Europe’s best images. Users submitted a photo via a Facebook Messenger chatbot, which in turn passed the images via a server application to a custom built android app, which rated the images on an actual P20 Pro, before returning a watermarked, rated image. A single handset judged over 1.3m images, picking Europe’s best, and rated up to 12,000 images in a single minute.

Describe the expectations/outcome

To target Europe’s photo-loving community, we teamed up with 63 influencers across 10 markets who participated themselves and invited their audiences to take part too. Through our chatbot, influencers and direct comms, we set 5 challenges over an 8 week period through July and August 2018 and sustained interest – creating an ongoing relationship with a new, warm community. The campaign achieved the following: • 1.23M entries - world‘s largest photo competition • 2,600% above target KPI • 353,659 email addresses captured • 335,568 organic shares • 179M impressions • During the campaign period, Huawei overtook Apple in smartphone shipments to become the second largest manufacturer with 16% global market share.