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Jordi Munells Master For You Creative Director

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

How do you express one of life’s great mysteries? In Time Captured experience, we created a unique project that captures time in an innovative way. We experiment with time in two different spheres: photography, which captures it forever, and haute cuisine, which provides a fleeting morsel that disappears in an instant. The Roca brothers, chefs at El Celler de Can Roca, twice ranked the world’s best restaurant, and the world-acclaimed photographer Steven Klein are heading this great campaign to attract millennials to areas of interest to them. 40% claim to be foodies and 49% use social networks to share images.


The Macallan, one of the world’s best whiskies, is obsessive in its pursuit of excellence and always invests as much time as is necessary to achieve it. To explain this relation-ship with time and perfection, The Macallan has spent years working with the world’s greatest photographers, who capture time in an instant, and the Roca brothers, who seek magnificence in their creations. When we try something new, it is as if time stands still. Our senses break down and try to find a way of expressing the experience. This is what the TIME CAPTURED project represents. We asked the Roca brothers to create a series of innovative cocktails to trigger a new sensation among consumers, one in which time appears to stand still. Steven Klein caught this moment of pleasure in the first-ever photograph-turned-video: millions of photographs, a nanosecond, a film*.

Describe the creative idea

We have found a common, credible and relevant link to bring together the three distinct worlds of whisky, photography and gastronomy: time. The Macallan allows time to flow freely until achieving excellence in its products. Its whisky is bottled time. For the Roca brothers, it represents another ingredient in their dishes, an active agent that turns their creations into genuine works of art. Steven Klein works with the moment, freezing time and encapsulating it in a lasting image*.

Describe the strategy

Photography and gastronomy are of significant interest to millennials: one in three consider themselves to be foodies, and one in two use social networks primarily to share photographs. The Macallan has made use of these two areas for years; however, on this occasion, for the first time in the brand's history, we have decided to unite both fields of communication and feature leaders in each area, thus covering a much broader range of interest for our target and taking The Macallan out of its comfort zone to continue exploring and innovating.

Describe the execution

Time Captured campaign was planned in two stages. First, The Macallan Rare Cask by Steven Klein limited edition* was launched in 11 countries in the framework of the Masters of Photography platform. To communicate this launch, the Roca brothers created a series of innovative cocktails and developed a kit of glasses and cocktail equipment featuring an avant-garde and inspirational design. Steven Klein created the first-ever photograph-turned-video to provide a visual expla-nation of the feeling of timelessness caused by the Roca brothers' cocktails. The second stage consisted of transporting the concept of time captured to a totally gastronomic universe with the Time Captured experience, an unprecedented artistic, metaphysical and gastronomic event held in El Celler de Can Roca restaurant and at which the Roca brothers presented the concept of time and a range of interpretations in a menu featuring haute cuisine.

List the results

The creative collaboration between these four masters has led to equally extraordi-nary results to date: STEVEN KLEIN LAUNCH VIDEO VIEWS ON FACEBOOK = 218 K VIDEO VIEWS ON INSTAGRAM = 401 K OVER 140 PUBLICATIONS IN ALL MEDIA (INCL. PRINT, DIGITAL, RADIO, TV) PR VALUE = 21 K OTS DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS = 108 K TIME CAPTURED EVENT PR VALUE = 132 K MEDIA VALUE = 44 K MONTLHY AUDIENCE = 20.6 M ROI = 32.5 Launch in USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Russia and Mexico.