Idea Creation TBWA\BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Production TBWA\BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Jeroen Bostoen TBWA Creative Director
Greg Van Buggenhout TBWA Art Director
Olaf Meuleman TBWA Copywriter
Robby Sallaets TBWA Copywriter
Jeremy Vanmaele TBWA Art Director
Jochen De Greef TBWA Client Services Director
Tom Eilers TBWA Account Manager
Max Fauconnier TBWA Account Executive
Gunther Van Lany TBWA Strategic Director
Rindert Dalstra TBWA Strategic Planner
Katrien Van Den Brande TBWA Producer
Lieke Lens TBWA Producer
Veerle Van Melkebeke TBWA Radio producer
Jan Pollet TBWA Sound Engineer
Gwenn Nicolay TBWA Sound Engineer
Wouter Vandenameele PHD Media Strategist
Taylor Mulakilwa PHD Media planner
Liesbeth Smets Make Editor
Gunter Blokken Make DOP

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

As a sports channel, we have some of the greatest entertainment content available. The 'Never miss a second’ campaign turns fantastic seconds of sports into an entertaining format. Sports has always been a source of entertainment, so for this campaign we use historic and amazing seconds of the Belgian sports season and turn them into original pieces of short form entertainment. Within a wide range of channels, we adapted our entertaining content almost on a daily basis: video’s, social formats, collector items, shareable content, ... Throughout the season we kept selecting great seconds and immortalised these via a multi-channel campaign.


In Belgium, Play Sports has a lot of competitors that also offer sports but they just broadcast the matches. Even more, our competitors offer sports packages at a much lower price point. So it is key for Play Sports to prove that they offer a lot more than the competition in order to defend their higher price. Play Sports is a lot more than a broadcaster. Play Sports doesn’t just broadcast games, they really capture the matches and create added value by offering a unique point of vue with our professional commentators and sports editorial office. They want to be THE reference in Belgium when it comes to sports and want to claim leadership within the category.

Describe the creative idea

A football match is 90 minutes. A F1 race, tennis game, cycling race or boxing match even take several hours. But only a few seconds of it make it to history. In one second you can become the hand of god, or a boxing legend. One single second can make all the difference. Belgian sports channel Play Sports brings a powerful ode to these seconds. We honoured and immortalized some of the most memorable seconds of the Belgian sports season. We did this across different sports, and in every possible medium. For every medium we created unique formats. Throughout the season we kept selecting great seconds, and immortalized these in different, entertaining ways. Like this, the campaign was constantly evolving, in the moment and always entertaining.

Describe the strategy

In a highly competitive market where people are less and less willing to pay for content, Play Sports wanted to make a difference. As the ultimate ultimate sports channel, we do not only broadcast sports, we understand sports. The value of a great moment. A single action, a goal, a sudden flash of brilliance. As a sports fan, these are the moments you don’t want to miss. All communication was signed with a call to action. Never miss a second, get Play Sports. Now for only €0,00000071 per second.

Describe the execution

The campaign was launched with tv, radio, print and digital and social, but evolved to an entertaining and interactive communication platform. We started with highlights from the past season, but along the new season we kept creating new content for all our channels. People could name their favorite seconds. Important seconds were immortalized in our different content formats, from Instagram Stories to print ads or unique collector items. Campaign kick off: August 2017, start of the sports season. With tv, radio, print, direct and digital campaign. From August 2017 till April 2018: New and interactive content in social, printed and direct media throughout the season, until the end of the sports season in April 2018. October 2017: Extra push on tv, radio and digital for start of the cyclocross season. TV, radio, direct, print, bannering, Facebook, Instagram, Giphy, etc.

List the results

With a decrease in the overall marketing budget, the main goal was to grow the amount of subscribers we had in the previous year. The result is that Play Sports has now at the highest number of subscribers since the launch. The NPS (Net Promoter Score = how happy clients are with the product) increased significantly. Play Sports in Belgium is number 1 when it comes to top of mind in sports packages and is seen as THE reference within sports. When national media talk about football, they refer to Play Sports. The awareness for Play Sports has never been so high as after this campaign within our target audience (male 18-65).