Category A11. Consumer Services
Entrant DDB Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation DDB Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation 2 TRIBAL Amstelveen, THE NETHERLANDS
Media Placement MINDSHARE Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production 100% HALAL Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Ed van Bennekom DDB & Tribal Amsterdam CD, Art Director
Jasper Diks DDB & Tribal Amsterdam CD, Copywriter
Jozé Rikken DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Senior Producer
Nelly de Wit DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Senior Producer
Manfred Bik DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Strategy Director
Linda de Graaff DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Business Director
Anna van ‘t Heck 100% Halal Director
Francine van der Lee 100% Halal Producer
Tim Kerbosch 100% Halal D.O.P.
Annelien van Wijnbergen Kapsalon Off-line edit
Erik van den Heuvel De Grot On-line edit
Audentity Audentity Sound studio
Maurice van Dijk Menzis Brand strategist
Jeroen Hamstra Menzis Senior Marketing Communication Advisor


In the Netherlands over 50 percent of the population has sleeping problems. A lack of sleep automatically triggers other health problems, varying from poor concentration at work to even worse problems like high blood pressure and depression. So, if we can make people aware that they can fight their sleeping problems, we can help prevent a lot of other problems. Our brief was to find a new solution to help people to improve their sleep and make them aware of their sleeping problem. Research has shown that what and when we eat has major impact on our quality of sleep. But over the years people in the Netherlands have started to eat easy and less healthy meals at irregular times. Therefore we developed the sleep data diet. A personal diet based on your sleep cycle data that calculates when and what you should eat to improve your sleep quality.

Describe the strategy

Menzis is a health insurance company and in the Netherlands such companies are restricted by law when it comes to market competition. Their basic product offering (the insurance policy) is predetermined in regulations – it’s not allowed to differentiate. For Menzis we designed a strategy to escape the ‘red ocean’ of companies offering the same services. A campaign that supports a healthier lifestyle to create an emotional benefit, and thus to create brand preference. We support that healthy lifestyle by creating tools for consumers (even if they’re not insured at Menzis) to make more healthy life choices. In this case: solving sleeping problems. To create the sleep data diet we collaborated with sleep experts, data specialists and dieticians. The data of people’s sleep cycle was used to create the diet. People could upload their data by simply connecting their smartphone or smartwatch. After this they could see their personal diet.

Describe the execution

We collaborated with a team of sleep experts, data specialists and dieticians to create the unique diet. The campaign was launched together with a short documentary about two people with a sleep disorder. The experiment showed the positive effects of the sleep data diet. Banners, social videos and radio drove people to the campaign site. Here everybody could connect their sleep data to instantly get their personal diet. People could connect their smartwatch or phone to collect their sleep data. The sleep-cycle data shows at what time people go to bed, fall asleep, lie awake and wake up. Based on this data it instantly tells you when it is your best time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner to improve your sleep. People could choose from various specially created recipes.

List the results

The campaign reached all goals that were set. Over 35,000 people tried the personal sleep data diet (objective achieved). With a positive response. Menzis received more than 22,500 new registrations to the Menzis health platform and the film about the Sleep Data Diet was viewed over 3 million times. With the sleep data diet Menzis helped thousands of people to improve their sleep. By simply adjusting what they eat, and when they eat it.