Category E08. Community Building & Management
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Bucharest, ROMANIA
Production SAGA FILM Bucharest, ROMANIA
Name Company Position
Ali Bati Leo Burnett Bucharest Chief Creative Officer
Victor Stroe Leo Burnett Bucharest Head of Strategy & Associate Director
Diana Alexa Leo Burnett Bucharest Managing Director
Alin Marghidanu Leo Burnett Bucharest Group Creative Director
Andreas Aron Leo Burnett Bucharest Copywriter
Alin Badiu Leo Burnett Bucharest Art director
Mihai Lucanu Leo Burnett Bucharest Account Director
Laura Moisa Leo Burnett Bucharest Account Manager
Maria Ilea Leo Burnett Bucharest Digital Account Manager
Maria Zvinca Leo Burnett Bucharest Digital strategic planner
Corina Bratu Leo Burnett Bucharest Senior strategic planner
Sorin Deleanu Leo Burnett Bucharest Producer
Ruxandra Rau Telekom Romania Communication & Brand Strategy Director
Oana Ioja Telekom Romania Marketing Communication Expert


Situation Internet algorithms limit sharing. They show us only the views and opinions we already agreed with. The effect is polarization and intolerance. This is called a Filter Bubble. Or Echo Chamber. This is especially true for millennials, whose opinions are often formed via social media and influencers. Brief Telekom believes in “sharing” and they wanted to help millennials see each other’s perspectives. So, as a brand responsible for enabling people’s digital life, they had to take action. Objectives ? The campaign objective was making the audience realize their filter bubbles and help them reduce the effects of the situation, while reinforcing Telekom Romania’s brand promise: “Life is for sharing.”

Describe the strategy

This work has social thinking at its core, where the vloggers and influencers lead the campaign. Social reach and the creative use of social networks result in reinforcing Telekom Romania’s brand promise: “Life is for sharing.” In Romania, vloggers are by far the no.1 influencers for millennials. Not only the credibility to influence our target, but they also had the direct channel to do so. We identified vloggers with audiences that had the least in common, in terms of consumed content, likes, interests, and opinions. This allowed us to target the audiences of vloggers of opposing views so we could help them see each other’s perspectives. We created an example that included a dozen swaps to set the trend in the vlogosphere. Then we watched the idea take off.

Describe the execution

One way to burst the filter bubbles is to expose people to content opposite to what they are already consuming, in order to make them understand the other side’s opinions. Using the data from YouTube and Facebook demographics, Google search patterns and Facebook interests, we identified vloggers with audiences that had the least in common. This helped us with targeting very specific audiences. Then we challenged the vloggers to swap their lives for a day, record the experience and share it on the social media channels of the opposite vlogger. We chose influencers who tackle the main problems dividing our society such as LGBT rights (Romania being one of the most conservative countries in Europe), immigration, vaccination, religion, tradition vs. modernity, body shaming, #resist etc.

List the results

“Vloggers’ Swap” became a trend, hundreds of vloggers started swapping their channels, including most of the top 10 Romanian online influencers. The swaps generated over 9.5 million views (while the targeted universe was 1 million people). The videos made it to the top 3 on YouTube’s Trending multiple times. The campaign generated over 300.000 positive organic reactions on social media (likes, comments, shares). “Vloggers’ Swap” was featured in prime-time news on all main TV channels, and on all main Romanian digital outlets (including international titles like Forbes, Vice, Elle, GQ, Marie Claire etc.) The total reach of the initiative was around 85%, putting both the filter bubble problem and the swap solution on Romanians agenda. The media spending was zero. But, the result that proves above all our target engagement and campaign’s long-term impact is that over half a million of the audience started following the vloggers of opposing views.