Category A06. Retail
Product/ServiceWOLT APP
Entrant KALLAN & CO Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation KALLAN & CO Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Martin Mohr Kallan & Co Head of Innovation
Graziano Monteleone Kallan & Co Designer
Hannu Koho Kallan & Co Design Director
Scott Lyttle Kallan & Co Webdesigner
Aleksi Tappura Kallan & Co Webdesigner
Kimmo Metsäranta Kimmo Metsäranta Photographer


As a state-of-the-art, award-winning food delivery service, Wolt cares about design. Good design really makes a difference in today's noisy world and Wolt wanted to put a focus on this aspect of their service. But how exactly does a food delivery app promote good design in a way that resonates with people?

Describe the strategy

The solution was found in a group of people who wholeheartedly cares about design. The local grassroots design and art community. As an aspiring artist or designer it can be a serious struggle to get noticed, establish a name and sell your work. So Wolt decided to flip things around - instead of delivering meals to this creative crowd, they would deliver their work to the world. All proceeds going directly to the designers and artists.

Describe the execution

Wolt partnered up with the local design festival Helsinki Design Week and local Aalto University and launched Design Delivered. Two months before the festival Wolt sent out a call for entries and received an overwhelming amount of submissions from the creative community. Of these submissions 60 participants were chosen by a jury consisting of high profile designers and concept chefs. Then finally, for 11 days during the design festival, Wolt surprised its users with a new kind of restaurant in its app. A restaurant selling soul-nourishing art and design from the local grassroots community, delivered straight to the doorstep by Wolt’s couriers and in a matter of minutes. All without changing anything in the app architecture itself.

List the results

For 11 days a food delivery service became a talking point in design and art circles all around the city and was hailed as “the most innovative campaign during Helsinki Design Week, ever”. Wolt and great design became synonyms. Best of all. Many works sold out as people added art and design to their food orders. Wolt asked “do you want art with that?” and the answer was clear. “Yes, yes we do”.