Product/Service"ADOPT A PET" FUND
Category A12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Name Company Position
Vlad Sitnikov Possible Moscow CCO
Maryam Akhunova Possible Moscow Creative Director
Yuri Korobov Possible Moscow Creative
Roman Antonov Possible Moscow Art Director
Evgenia Kuznetsova Possible Moscow Art Director
Anna Trotsina Possible Moscow Designer
Oleg Sedikin Possible Moscow Programming
Sergey Rozhnev Possible Moscow Client Service Director
Natalia Khorokhorina Possible Moscow Account Director
Anna Smal Possible Moscow Account Manager


Hill's pet nutrition stands for the serious relationship between the owner & the pet. That's why brand supports "Adopt a pet" fund in Russia. But before looking for a home for homeless pets we need to change their image of in general. Brief: Shelter support is an integral part of the Hill’s brand. However, in Russia the subject of shelters and animal homelessness is still not widely discussed, and the image of shelter pets is not very appealing. Hill’s has the opportunity to change this through the power of nutrition: with the right food, every pet can be happy, healthy, and active. All that’s missing is a loving forever home. Hill’s Russia took a proactive stance to change that. Objectives: Initiate conversation about the beauty and uniqueness of shelter pets, encouraging potential pet parents in Russia to change a homeless animal’s life for the better with love and proper nutrition.

Describe the strategy

Data gathering: We looked at the media consumption of middle and upper-class Russians interested in pets to identify the relevant platform to deliver our message. Target audience: Wealthy people, from 18 to 35 years old, who actively communicate in messengers. Relevance to platform: Telegram is Russia’s third largest messenger app. More importantly, it is the only messenger app that allows any user to create their own stickerpack free of charge. The stickerpacks are actively used, shared and installed. Approach: We created an emotional stickerpack using real photos of the animals at the “Adopt a Friend” shelter. The stickers not only showed the pets’ cuteness – but also reflected their unique personalities. A dedicated chatbot provided users with more information about each pet on request. This not only made shelter pets an integral part of users’ everyday conversations – but also cost us practically nothing to create and promote.

Describe the execution

We visited several shelters managed by the foundation and took expressive photos of the cats and dogs waiting for their forever homes. Each animal got its own sticker in a Telegram sticker pack. A specially created chatbot could tell users more about each sticker pet it was sent. Once the launch of the sticker pack and bot had been announced on social media, the sticker pets started getting adopted - and today we are still replacing adopted stickers with those still waiting. The implementation of this project does not require extensive media investment: any shelter in any part of the world using the Telegram messenger can do it.

List the results

– 300$ media and production budget; – 9 500 sticker pack installations; – 36 000 stickers sent; – 350 000 coverage; – More than half of the pets in the pack have already been adopted and replaced.