Category B02. Microsites
Product/ServicePHILIPS HUE
Idea Creation DEPT Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production DEPT Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Bob Breijs Signify Digital Lead Benelux Signify
Joâo Inácio Dept Creative Strategist
Ana Mendez Dept Art Director
Ash Colcott Dept Interaction Designer
Ronan McCormack Dept Developer
Rose de Bruijn Dept Project Manager


The features of the Philips Hue smart lighting range were difficult for customers to understand. Signify wanted a digital experience that would explain products in a simple, understandable way and would showcase their main features in an engaging digital environment. We’ve created an interactive demonstration of lighting products in a virtual home where customers became interested in purchasing. To educate and inspire visitors about the wide range of functionality offered by Philips Hue smart lighting. We want to make people consider the product variety by seeing it in a real-home digital context.

Describe the strategy

Although a product full of potential and possibilities, the Philips Hue lights was still a question mark in our consumer’s minds when it came to what it could do. Research shown that consumers had a good impression of the product but didn’t really understand it completely. That’s why we created an interactive environment where potential customers could see what the product can do in the context of a home, inspiring them to make use of the Hue lights in their own homes & explore all the features.

Describe the execution

It gave users a new and engaging way to interact with and experience the benefits of smart lighting in their home. It used some unique and innovative techniques to create the interactive sequences, which fused different digital disciplines, like 3D with creative coding.

List the results

Each interactive room showed high user engagement, with conversion rates of between 12% and 14%. The Netherlands' version of the website attracted over 120,000 unique visitors between January and August 2017.