Category H01. Integrated Multi-Platform Campaign (Online & Offline)
Entrant ARLA Söderkulla, FINLAND
Media Placement CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Antti Airaksinen Arla Suomi Marketing Director
Laura Kasila Arla Suomi Brand & Category manager
Tomi Sirén Arla Suomi Head of Digital
Noora Tammisto Arla Suomi Community Manager
Taneli Mattelmäki TBWA\Helsinki Business Partner
Jyrki Poutanen TBWA\Helsinki Chief Creative Officer
Mikko Pietilä TBWA\Helsinki Executive Creative Director
Ville Ohtonen TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director
Erno Reinikainen TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director
Lasse Kangasmaa TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Niklas Malmlund TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Meri Saarivirta TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Aki Toivonen TBWA\Helsinki Creative Content Strategist
Petri Sarkalahti TBWA\Helsinki Project Manager
Noora Hendolin TBWA\Helsinki Project Manager
Leo Tomaszewski TBWA\Helsinki Production AD
Daria Ivanova TBWA\Helsinki Production AD Trainee
Anna Kangas TBWA\Helsinki Social Media Trainee
Iiro Hokkanen TBWA\Screen Director
Tuukka Tikkanen TBWA\Screen Production Manager
Niko Hatara TBWA\Screen Creative Producer
Lisa Myllymäki TBWA\Screen Editor
Ville Hackzell TBWA\Screen Editor
Anssi Mahlamäki TBWA\Screen Motion Designer
Anssi Saresvuo Carat Finland Strategic Planner
Kirsi Riipinen Carat Finland Account Director
Lotta Castrén Carat Finland Project Manager
Juho Kainulainen Carat Finland Media Specialist
Tuomo Sinkkonen Carat Finland Broadcast Manager
Lassi Laukkarinen Carat Finland Performance Marketing Consultant


Valio has traditionally dominated the dairy food market in Finland. Valio is one the most valued brands in Finland, and Valio products have been consumed for generations. They are considered to be natural and of high quality. Contrary to popular belief, Valio cooking creams contain more, not less, additives than their competitor Arla Lempi. The brief was to differentiate Arla Lempi from its competitors through highlighting the naturalness of the products. The sales target was 10% growth. Other KPI’s were awareness and trial.

Describe the strategy

Differentiating Arla Lempi from its competitors was essential. As food products are usually advertised with recipes and food porn, we decided to take the road less traveled and create a concept without any food in sight. The only part of the product that could be shown was the package. We built our campaign around the word “kermaa”, which means cream in Finnish. Our taglines was “Cream, cream, cream, and less food additives than in others”. All text in the campaign was always “kermaa” (Finnish for "cream"). We wanted to communicate the main ingredient of the product in a fun and catchy way, so that the consumers would have at least one thing in their mind when making choices at the dairy section: KERMAA!

Describe the execution

“Kermaa” took part in popular culture and created "kermaa versions" of current topics in all possible media- text- and sound platforms. Instead of an intensive and massive paid media campaign we concentrated on continuous content creation that was strongly tied to the culture. The campaign was implemented in TV, social media, radio, festival posters and t-shirts. The TVCs were created by dubbing everything from soap opera to nature documentaries. We focused on presenting “kermaa” in various contexts in order to demonstrate the concept.

List the results

Social media reactions were 30 000% higher than usually. The sales grew 58%. Also awareness rose by 11%, from 79% to 88% and trial moved up 45 %, from 29% to 42%. For an established FMCG product in a category where market shares are static, 58% growth is enormous and especially the growth in trial is significant. It is difficult to get into customers’ shopping carts but it is going to be much easier for Arla Lempi to stay there. Customers engagement on social media posts was on the rise throughout the whole campaign as the customer started to participate more and more on the content and even create it by themselves. The results and especially the growth in trial indicate that kermaa-campaign has generated long-term success for Arla Lempi. Kermaa became a part of pop culture as it was owned by people. Even more importantly, kermaa kermaa kermaa, kermaa!