Short List
Category A06. Retail
Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement MEDIAPLUS Munich, GERMANY
Additional Company PLAY MEDIA Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Storath HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Felix Pfannmüller HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Marlon Fischer HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Sascha Jörres HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Marco Bienek HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Teresa Guggenberger HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Kimberly Schwarck HEIMAT, Berlin Account Manager
Franziska Lequen HEIMAT, Berlin Account Manager
Matthias von Bechtolsheim HEIMAT, Berlin Managing Director
Maik Richter HEIMAT, Berlin Managing Director
Tim Holtkötter HEIMAT, Berlin Management Supervisor
Sigurd Larsen Sigurd Larsen Design
Charlotte Kühn HEIMAT, Berlin Agency Producer
Thomas Bartl Markenfilm Crossing Berlin Executive Producer
Killian Poschner Markenfilm Crossing Berlin Producer
Arthur Heisler Markenfilm Crossing Berlin Editor
Clemens Wittkowski Bauhouse Music Producer
David Arnold LOFT Tonstudios Berlin Executive Producer
Cerstin Cassidy LOFT Tonstudios Berlin Producer


The German DIY-market is extremely competitive – especially when it comes to winning the affection of customers. Therefore, DIY and gardening superstore HORNBACH is always searching for new ways to anticipate social developments and transform them into stories. In a world where people are willing to stand in line for days for the newest, insanely expensive hype product, HORNBACH created a design it-piece that cannot simply be bought. Instead, the WERKSTÜCK 001 Lounge Chair, designed by Danish designer Sigurd Larsen, can only be built. From scratch. With nothing but your bare hands. Reaching peak exclusivity, the chair made strictly of materials out of HORNBACH's vast product range is a tribute to our customers' own capability, realized through the dedication of true DIY-ers: Designed by Sigurd Larsen. Built by you.

Describe the strategy

The small media budget was carefully placed towards prestige design, cultural and art magazines as well as important and international designer blogs. By this the aimed target group could be reached at eye level staying authentic and honest. Not leaving our usual target group behind and including the younger design-affine possible customers, the other important media was Instagram, the social-media-must-have platform when it comes to trends and design.The project was taken up by all types of media through targeted advertising in print and online. In addition to numerous editorial contributions in various design-savvy blogs and magazines, the campaign was also featured in the daily press, for example the Tagesspiegel and Welt as well as in nationwide TV.

Describe the execution

Before the WERKSTÜCK's release, snippets of Sigurd Larsen's designer documentary were played out online. On HORNBACH's social channels, carefully curated teaser photos showing off the seemingly trivial materials (like a single brass screw) created anticipation and curiosity. After the book and the microsite (complete with manual and cutting template) were released, the story of "the chair you can't buy, but only build" quickly made the rounds: From magazines from the field of architecture, design and innovation, to documentaries about the democratization of design (online and on TV) and later, to the cultural section of various daily newspapers. As soon as the first pioneers were in the process of building their own WERKSTÜCK 001 Lounge Chair, organic interaction in the form of user-generated content came to form: Everyone proudly showing off their progress and finished chairs. Throughout the campaign, HORNBACH reached design-oriented audiences all over Europe that were previously thought unattainable.

List the results

By enabling customers to build their very own design object, HORNBACH was not only able to conquer a new target group of design-savy DIYers, but also to strengthen the brand and turn visitors into buyers. The WERKSTÜCK Edition reached over 1/3 of the desired audience via Print and truly engaged them due to precise online targeting: YouTube prerolls reached the highest View-through rate ever. (An increase of +88% compared to the HORNBACh benchmark so far). With 151.939 Klicks on the microsite. Brand preference recovered (+12,5% comapred to January 2017) and the WERKSTÜCK Edition spoke to the soul of true makers more than any campaign before, with 45% of respondents indicating as primar statement „The pleasure of creating something with your own hands“. Last but not least, the WERKSTÜCK Edition helped to turn visitors into buyers, with a conversion rate of +5,62% compared to January 2017.