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Product/ServiceRETAIL / SERVICE
Category D04. Brand / Product Video
Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement MEDIAPLUS Munich, GERMANY
Additional Company LOFT TONSTUDIOS Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Storath HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Andrés Escobar HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Sascha Jörres HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Teresa Guggenberger HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Ian Orti HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Matthias von Bechtolsheim HEIMAT, Berlin Managing Director
Maik Richter HEIMAT, Berlin Managing Director
Tim Holtkötter HEIMAT, Berlin Management Supervisor
Philippe Brandt HEIMAT, Berlin Management Supervisor
Kerstin Heffels HEIMAT, Berlin Agency Producer
Lutz Müller KANU FILM GMBH Executive Producer
Ivo Van Riet KANU FILM GMBH Producer
Julia Dobler Arri Mitte Post Producion
Björn Schultz Paul Schwabe Post Producion
André Maat KANU FILM GMBH Director
Peter Matjasko KANU FILM GMBH Cinematographer
Marty Schenk KANU FILM GMBH Editor
David Arnold LOFT Studios GmbH, Berlin Sound Design
Rudolf Moser MOSERMUSIC Music Producer
Benjamin Schäfer LOFT Studios GmbH, Berlin Audio Engineer


German DIY store HORNBACH is known for their massive product range. So massive that people tend to forget that there's more to a great DIY store: Amazing service. The HORNBACH Interconnented Retail services entail a series of various online and offline services for the DIY-er, such as a professional wood-cutting service, transporter rental, reserve & collect, machinery rental and many, many more. Sounds like a dry subject? Can you communicate such a factual message and still show a sense of humor?

Describe the strategy

HORNBACH has an international presence in 9 countries. And while our project market positioning communicates a focused investment in service performance everywhere, our customers’ actual respective services and needs vary from country to country. That's why communication must be flexible enough to be relevant everywhere.

Describe the execution

HORNBACH accepted the challenge to visualize the perfect interplay of the Interconnected retail services with a cinematic, rapid camera ride through their massive markets, only coming to a halt when we are right in the middle of the service in question. Paired with visual comedy and the typical dry HORNBACH humor, the ride through the services ends with a thought-provoking, crucial question: What would your project be...without HORNBACH's Interconnected Retail?

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