Category B01. Websites
Idea Creation DEPT Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production DEPT Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Tobias van Veen Dept Design Director
Astrid van Marion Dept Visual Design Lead
Danijel Bonacic Dept Strategy Director
Auke Akkerman Dept Interaction Designer
Nick Groenewegen Dept Developer
Sander Hendriks Dept Programme Director
Joos Luteijn Eneco Digital Manager
Maarten van Ierschot Eneco Product Owner


Eneco is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the Netherlands and, according to independent research, one of the most sustainable. On top of that, the company has the ambition to make a difference in servicing its 1.2 million customers. All this comes to expression in the message 'Welcome to the new world', developing and marketing sustainable products and services. Based on interviews, research and data, a broad team of specialists worked closely with people from Eneco to renew the highly outdated Eneco website & app. In doing so, they focused on service, sales and sustainability. The guiding principle was that visitors of the website experience and feel the new world through user experience, and not just through words.

Describe the strategy

The new environment has been designed with the emphasis on 'mobile first design', with a great deal of attention being devoted to the digital translation of the 'pop style' elements that characterize the Eneco brand. Eneco has a step-by-step approach when it comes to helping its (potential) customers to make their lives more sustainable. We decided to give shape to this by placing a 3D house on Eneco.nl. This model gives people clear ideas on how to become more sustainable, be it by placing solar panels or installing a Toon thermostat. The 3D house offers people an alternative, dynamic way to navigate Eneco’s products and services, including the new WarmteWinner and Ketelcomfort.

Describe the execution

The visual concept is aimed at making green energy attractive. We do this by offering the products in a clear way, supported by a clear story, but always with a wink. From a conceptual point of view, you not only become Eneco's customer, you become a member. We wanted to load Eneco's new world with a character that ties in with a form of positive activism.

List the results

A new digital identity has been set up with the use of existing brand elements. Without actually applying the color green, the website does feel innovative and 'green', thus perfectly fitting Eneco as a sustainable energy company. The new website breathes Eneco's slogan 'Welcome to the new world' - the goal of innovation has been achieved. The new website Eneco.nl results : -850,000 users per month -5 million page views per month -Average session time 02:46 > review website has increased after live eneco.nl of 2.4 to 3.2 of the progress new 5.