Category E05. Influencer / Talent
Entrant CHEIL NORDIC Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation CHEIL NORDIC Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Sasan Faghihi Cheil Nordic Creative Director
Marcel Granfelt Saavedra Cheil Nordic Art Director
Mats Wiberger Cheil Nordic Strategic Planner
Magnus Svensson Cheil Nordic Client Director
Alexandra Sjoberg Cheil Nordic Copywriter
Johan Lindqvist Cheil Nordic Project Manager
Fredrika Stern Cheil Nordic Graphic Designer


Swedish Women over 40 did not feel that there was a brand that spoke directly to them. The brief was to relaunch NIVEA cellular in an authentic and fresh way. Make the brand relevant for the modern Nordic women. Communicate that NIVEA Cellular effectively prevents wrinkles. Objective: Boost awareness and increase sales. NIVEA Cellular should be the choice for women over 40.

Describe the strategy

Research showed us that women in Sweden are happy with ageing and have a positive attitude towards it, this made it clear for us that a new approach needed to be taken. Out with the old and in with the new. To be relevant for the Swedish woman around and above 40, we joined forces with one of Swedens most influential and likeable women, 40 year old Carina Berg. Together we talked about what the product really does and in a language women could relate to. In order to make this product up to date and create relevancy and affinity for our target audience we decided to... ...take a distance from the word anti in age. ...talk about age positivism. ...talk about what the product really does. ...use the face and voice of Carina Berg. ...utilise the charm and humor that Carina Berg stands for.

Describe the execution

The campaign "I like my age" is about taking charge of how you look and how you feel as a woman. You’ve come to a point in life where you are comfortable with who you are. Even though you are fine with ageing, you always want to look your best, you want to shine just as bright as you feel on the inside. The campaign aired on TV in late may and continued on TV for 2 weeks and then on social, VOD, print and in-store during June and July.

List the results

Sales: In a highly competitive category and landscape our campaign managed to increase sales with 38% Achievement against the business target: Objectives and goals were reached. Our 360 approach and consistent message resulted in a boost for the awareness and an increase in sales with 38%. The campaign was divided into three phases. Phase 1 generated a reach of 687 106 unique users on Social Media. -286 849 reach on Facebook with an engagement rate of 23% -411 137 on Instagram with an engagement rate of 37%. Phase 2 was optimized towards traffic/consideration and generated 7 480 link clicks. The engagement rate on Facebook was 20.27% The engagement rate on Instagram was 42.59% Phase 3 of the campaign was optimized towards video views/consideration. The engagement rate for this phase was 32% compared with a benchmark of 15%.