Short List
Category D01. Social Video
Product/ServiceHIFI KLUBBEN
Entrant &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement MEDIACOM Arhus, DENMARK
Production BACON Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Thomas Hoffmann & Co. / NoA Creative Director
Martin Storgaard & Co. / NoA Art Director
Kristian Eilertsen & Co. / NoA Copy writter
Martin Werner Bacon Director
Lasse Frank Bacon Director of Photography
Samuel Cantor Bacon Producer


HiFi Klubben is a Nordic retailer that sells quality hifi-products with a very strong focus on sound quality. They’re known as the region’s leading experts on quality hifi and great sound, and HiFi Klubben is the go-to store for anyone looking for the best in speakers, amps, turntables and streaming systems. But how do we sell the concept of quality sound to a World that has forgotten the gift of listening?

Describe the strategy

Analysis shows that 85% of social media users watch videos without sound. We used this as a hook that succeeded in getting social media users to skip the skip button and engage with our message. The film worked as a wakeup call that reminded people to open their ears and rediscover the power of listening and the importance and joy of quality sound. This was emphasized through a flow educational content and articles about everything from nostalgia in music to quality headphones and speakers. Everyone who pledged to listen was rewarded with a voucher for quality hifi products.

Describe the execution

The herofilm was distributed through social media and drove traffic to a campaign website and a pledge to listen. Like-minded listeners were rewarded with a digital voucher for quality hifi products and a flow of educational content about the power of listening. Welcome Listeners forged a community of listeners and now works as a platform for newsletters, events, instore activations and social media content.

List the results

+58M impressions. +19M video views. +39K Social shares. 28% Avg. organic reach on Facebook. 37% Avg. VTR on Youtube.