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Entrant FRIENDS Moscow, RUSSIA
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Name Company Position
Anatoliy Gordeev PepsiCo, Inc Brand Director PepsiCo, Inc
Maria Kustavinova PepsiCo, Inc Senior Brand Manager PepsiCo, Inc
Daria Portnova PepsiCo, Inc Brand Manager PepsiCo, Inc
Elizaveta Fetisova PepsiCo, Inc MarCom Lead PepsiCo, Inc
Marina Mushkarenko PepsiCo, Inc Imc Manager PepsiCo, Inc
Irina Drozdovskaya PepsiCo, Inc General TV Producer PepsiCo, Inc
Maxim Ponomarev Friends Moscow Creative director
Tatiana Ponomareva Friends Moscow Senior Copywriter
Elena Dernova Friends Moscow Senior Art Director
Ksenia Tychinskaya Friends Moscow Account Director
Vladimir Sorokin Stereotactic production Director
Aleksandr Khudokon Stereotactic production DOP
Aleksey Shevchenko Stereotactic production Producer
Kira Vykhodtseva Stereotactic production Assistant Producer
Petr Barabaka Stereotactic production Photographer
Aleksandr Privalov Stereotactic production 1st AC
Stanislav Paushev Stereotactic production Sound Recordist
Nonna Aristarkhova Stereotactic production Post Production Producer
Aleksandr Khokhlov Stereotactic production Sound Designer
Roman Geygert Stereotactic production Editor
Artem Leonov Cinelab Grading


Adrenaline Rush lead «functional» territory and perceived by the audience as an energy brand. We are a leader in the market share, but we didn’t have perception as a leader. We need to find a way to change it and drive consumer engagement.

Describe the strategy

We wanted to change the perception of fear, and show that for Adrenaline Rush brand, fear is the source of inspiration. We created the first-ever soundtracks based on the heartbeat amplitude of the musicians, whereas pulse was recorded at the fearful adrenaline moments. The audience of the brand are millennials 18-35 (focus: 20-25 years). Music is what drives and inspires a young audience every day. In recent years, electronic music has become the music of a generation in Russia; a whole galaxy of DJs inspired and energised those who had no relation to music in general. An energy brand claiming leadership must understand what drives the audience and find the common ground.

Describe the execution

We collaborated with three the most famous and talented Russian DJs for the experiment and challenged them to get inspired by what they fear most. We recorded their heart rate at the peak adrenaline moments and using data from the monitors, DJs wrote the first ever soundtracks based on their heartbeat amplitude in a personal style. After the experiment, we created the first compilation album on the heartbeat and used it to accompany videos that documented the adrenaline moments. Website http://heartbeatcase.ru/

List the results

The campaign allowed for an immersive experience on social media and inspired its viewers. As a result, we created a long-form brand content that affords more space for telling stories that transfix users, entertains the audience and create emotional connections. Absolute actual figures Total views: 74 438 397 Total impressions: 161 825 805 Total reach: 30 838 272