Category E05. Influencer / Talent
Entrant VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Idea Creation VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Andrey Gubaydullin Voskhod Creative director
Daria Ovechkina Voskhod Copywriter
Anton Rozhin Voskhod Copywriter
Vladislav Derevyannikh Voskhod Art director
Felix Bondarev Voskhod Music
Dmitry Sienduk Blogger Blogger
Natalia Belikova Voskhod Art director


The goal was to make popular crab sticks with real crab meat as snacks for the young audience.

Describe the strategy

The brand struggled to reach younger audience (age 18-30). And we offered a solution: an animated film in collaboration with a popular video blogger. We noticed that every product has both fans and haters, but almost everyone likes crab meat. This was confirmed by a marketing research. That’s why "Everybody loves crabs" is the main idea of the campaign.

Describe the execution

We wrote a “love” song and created a crazy animated film about well-known antipodes. The love of crabs is a solution for more than 80 hyped conflicts: social, political, athletic, cultural, and fictitious. And current Russian news stories: controversy between bloggers, singers, actors and other celebrities. Like the guy who was arrested for playing Pokemon Go in church. A fight between the two top football teams. Conflicts between official authorities and the people, and between our childhood heroes. The voiceover of the animation is a well-known blogger, and the Russian voice of the Rick and Morty cartoon. The famous blogger just posted a video on his page with thousands of subscribers

List the results

About 10k viewers on YouTube alone commented the video and it snatched the mass media’s attention. Thousands of people shared both the film and the song. The bloggers recognized themselves and picked up on it: “Hey mom! I’m in the commercial!” People immediately started generating reaction videos, “Easter egg” lists, fast and slow versions, memes, fan art, alternative voiceovers, and stickers… Adding extra views to the original video by Vici! And VICI crabsticks sales added 19% to the previous year (not bad for a category leader with a more than 40% market share!).