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Marcelo Alves Havas Düsseldorf, Studio6 Content Film Director
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Sascha Peters Audioversum Producer
Till Hannes Hümbs Cinehype DOP, Producer, Editor
Fabian Scheer nhb studios Düsseldorf Producer
Markus Pchalek nhb studios Düsseldorf 3D Artist
Benjamin Jürgens nhb studios Düsseldorf 3D Artist
Jens Brune nhb studios Düsseldorf 3D Artist
Timo Wilke nhb studios Düsseldorf Motion Graphics


Romania is home to Europe’s last primeval forests, which stretch over at least 218.000 hectares of land. Sadly, more and more woodland vanishes due to illegal logging. 8,8 million cubic meters get cut down, right behind our backs, every single day. Ignorance and corruption keep the Romanian authorities from stepping into action. The urgency of this problem leaves no time for procrastination and calls for direct communication via real-time data. Thus, activists and population have the chance to act quickly.

Describe the strategy

The initiative utilised data insights across two key areas: 1 – It provided live data on tree attacks enabling immediate responses, as well as a continual data pool providing further insight on areas most targeted, required response times, etc. 2 – Provided opportunity to gather consumer data on campaign interaction, enabling tracking and optimization. Our targets included NGO’s directly fighting this cause, by offering them tools to enable their work at no extra cost to them. Additionally, we engaged directly with consumers active with this cause, gaining direct contributions (funding), and protective help as well recruitment of peers. Approach Ultimately aimed at achieving 4 objectives: 1 – Give nature a voice it’s never had 2 – Help activists with an effective tool to counter illegal loggers 3 – Get concerned consumers to actively participate 4 – Put pressure on the government to up their game

Describe the execution

Illegal deforestation is a screaming injustice. But trees can't scream for help, so we had the idea of giving trees a voice. We developed a warning system called Screaming Trees. It is a self-sufficient monitoring device hanging high up in the trees where it constantly measures the ambient noises. Whenever a chainsaw is used in protected areas, Screaming Trees infallibly detects it, sending out a warning signal via 3G. The local population and nature activists receive a notification on their smartphones, tablet pcs and notebooks, with exact location data of the tree. They can then act and prevent trees from getting cut down.

List the results

The pilot-phase has just started in cooperation with Agent Green. The device is open source, so the blueprints are accessible for free on our website. This way we want to give like-minded people, activists and NGOs all around the world the opportunity to benefit from our initiative. Furthermore, we will air a 30 seconds spot on a popular German TV channel to drive awareness and raise funds for our endeavours. Additionally, via different digital touch points and active communication we want get as many people involved as possible. Screaming Trees is our contribution for a global movement to protect the nature and move inactive governments.