Category D01. Social Video
Idea Creation ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement BLUE 449 Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 FIRM STUDIO Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles Fichteberg ROSAPARK Co-Founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-François Sacco ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar ROSAPARK Co-Founder
Nazgol Athari Nejad ROSAPARK Art Director
Hélène Boudin ROSAPARK Copywriter
Sacha Lacroix ROSAPARK Managing Director
Traktor STINK FILMS Director
Thomas Laurent ROSAPARK TV Producer
Quentin Labat ROSAPARK Associate Director
Alexandre Ribichesu ROSAPARK Senior Strategic Planner
Sarah Herbain ROSAPARK Strategic Planner
Lucile Wissocq ROSAPARK Client Director
Fanny Desvignes ROSAPARK Account Manager
Quentin Barbaray ROSAPARK Account Manager
Charlotte Giraud ROSAPARK Account Manager
Jeanne Neuschwander ROSAPARK Head of Digital Strategies
Mélanie Colleou ROSAPARK PR Contact
Marine Garnier STINK FILMS Executive Producer
Nico Poulsson STINK FILMS Director of Photography
Guillaume Richard STINK FILMS Production Manager
Matthieu Sibony SCHMOOZE Sound Producer
Simon Davis n/a Music Composer
Toby Ridgway FIRM STUDIO Post-Producer
Yann Malcor FIRM STUDIO Editor
Florence Chaffiotte MONOPRIX Head of Marketing
Nicolas Gobert MONOPRIX Brand and Image Director
Stéphanie Jallet MONOPRIX Head of Media, Social Media and Brand Content
Angeline Froger MONOPRIX Social Media Accountant
Marion Denonfoux MONOPRIX Head of PR and Communications
Pascal Crifo BLUE 449 CEO


People like shopping at their local Monoprix. But there’s one thing they hate: carrying their groceries back home. And yet, most of them don’t use the shop’s delivery services. In order to promote them, we needed to find an insight that they could relate to: you can’t skip a bad song when you’re carrying groceries.

Describe the strategy

Our main target was urbans between 20 and 45 years old. To release the song to our customers and to French urbans in general, we had various challenges: To raise awareness about Monoprix delivery services, coming at the very end of the film. To create this surprise with a low media budget. And we needed a song that would stick in people’s mind. Choosing to push a 2.30 minute video on social media might be unusual, but we were convinced that the creation would be entertaining and the sort of thing people like to watch and share on social media. To make sure people understood the whole message, we used a two-phase disposal, playing the full version on VOL, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook with the support of PR and influencers. And making a 15sec short edit only pushing the delivery services and retargeting people who had seen the full version.

Describe the execution

We started to push the video on Monoprix’s social media with a first viewing on Twitter and the help of 100 micro-influencers. We also sent the song to music platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Itunes…). We created an Easter egg on Google Home, where the idea was simple: if you could sing the song, you’d get free delivery. We broadcast the video 3 times on TV, choosing the programmes very carefully, in particular Burger Quizz, an old TV show that just came back on French TV and that people have waited ages to see again. It’s all about jokes, celebrities and… fake TV commercials. At first people thought it was fake and then discovered it was actually a real Monoprix commercial. They talked about it a lot on Twitter that evening and the days after.

List the results

The film was first of all revealed on social & digital media and PR. Seeing the social impact of the video, we decided to give it a second life by pushing it on TV. We registered 3,5K reactions on Twitter, immediately after its TV broadcast Overall, we registered 16M views of the video, 60K reactions in less than 2 weeks with only 250K media budget. More than 100 articles representing 450M PR impressions, all with no media coverage. 25K people listened to The Worst Song In The World on Spotify.