Category E10. Emerging Platforms
Entrant OMD SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation OMD SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Media Placement OMD SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Noelia Fernández OMD Spain Brand Lead
Manuel Lecona OMD Spain Account Director
Anabel Varela OMD Spain Head of Strategy & Innovation
Patricia Ochando OMD Spain Senior Strategy & Innovation Planner


Easyjet launched last year ‘Why not?’, a communication platform to activate opportunities to travel. And Mothers’ Day was one of those opportunities. The aim was gaining relevance among easyJet audience – 25-44 years old dinks (double-income no kids) craving for meaningful, authentic experiences-. Working on awareness wasn’t enough: we needed to reach them while establishing deeper bonds and emotional connections with the brand in a more personal way. As engagement and awareness were the main KPI we were looking for, the communications objectives were set in those terms: • Increase brand awareness achieving 5 MM contacts to amplify our message, encouraging audience participation, too. • Generate real conversations with easyJet travellers through 48 post created by influencers. • Increase engagement with the audience measured in terms of participation and interaction with the campaign. Getting an engagement of 168.000 and a reach of 354.000

Describe the strategy

easyJet travellers use Internet and social media for everything: finding information and inspiration, communicating and buying. Our strategy should work on easyJet’s salience by suggesting our audience experiences that will leverage their engagement and impulse them to fly. Influence marketing seemed the right approach, a market that moved 2BN$ last year, featuring an expected increase of 400% in next year’s budget dedicated to it. How to do it with guarantees, measurable performance and results? And, although influence marketing would cover our engagement necessities, how would we boost awareness and reach, too? We built a combined influence marketing strategy that will boost sales within a short period of time, covering the contact points that will help us to achieve a wide reach while keeping it personal: Radio, with a strong flexibility to capitalize on key emotional consumer days, and Social with the ability of amplify awareness and engagement.

Describe the execution

‘Not without my mom’ campaign invited the audience to participate in to win an easyJet trip for the winner and his/her mother. Through an innovative partnership with Grupo Prisa, important editorial group in Spain, we used a platform able to provide with both automated influence marketing and mentions from a famous host in Los40, the most popular Spanish radio station. The pioneer platform features an automated learning AI able to identify the levels of affinity of a certain influencer with the brand and predict its reach, potential audience interaction and engagement. Communication was structured in two phases: 1. Affinity approach of influencers positioned as travelers (Social): 6 Top influencers + 14 Shakers influencers that promoted the contest on their profiles in Instagram, Youtube and Twitter 2. Media activation to boost influencers campaign in Los40 (Social + Radio): Radio, video news on Los40 website and social profiles.

List the results

Achievement against business target The campaign made happy many moms, and our client, too, exceeding the planned objectives: • +5.2 MM contacts, directly increasing our brand awareness and achieving a greater participation than expected. • We got to maximize real conversations with easyJet travelers increasing +185% the posts created by influencers and reaching 137 posts, thanks to which the earned engagement achieved a 37% budget value box. • The campaign increased the engagement in a +95% scoring 327.000, and obtained a reach of 489.000 (+38%). We got to optimize a + 70% over easyJet budget versus initial approach. During campaign period, together Radio + Social, got a +9.8 revenue, +6 pp than average campaign only Radio. Sources used to measure results: • EGM + Comscore: total contacts (Radio + Online) • IMP (versus initial investment): source ad hoc to measure results Social. Total engagement, reach and number post