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Category B08. Use of Digital Platforms
Idea Creation WUNDERMAN Antwerp, BELGIUM
Additional Company CHILD FOCUS Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Pieter Staes Wunderman Antwerp Creative Director
Manuel Ostyn Wunderman Antwerp Creative Director
Arjen Tarras Wunderman Antwerp Art Director
Kasper Janssens Wunderman Antwerp Copywriter
Seppe Dogge Wunderman Antwerp Account Manager
Sander Van de Wiele Wunderman Antwerp Account Manager
Sebastien Greffe Wunderman Antwerp Design Director
Bert Beckers Wunderman Antwerp Motion Designer
Mikael Naudet Wunderman Antwerp Motion Designer
Andreas de Ridder Wunderman Antwerp Motion Designer
Giele Cools Wunderman Antwerp Digital Expert
Sam Serrien Wunderman Antwerp Digital Expert
Chloé Van Elsen Wunderman Antwerp Social Media Strategist
Chaima Tahiri Wunderman Antwerp Social Media Manager
Menno Van Riet Wunderman Antwerp Sound Engineer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The Innocent Childporn campaign targeted pedophiles through the same medium that they use to download and spread illegal footage of child abuse: the Dark Web. We uploaded videos on known platforms and chatrooms and made sure that each filename and post on the looked like real childporn to urge pedophiles to download. This way our message to seek help immediately reached the right audience through the most relevant medium.


Child Focus, the Belgian center for missing and sexually exploited children, has been trying to put a stop to childporn for years. For the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, they wanted us to create awareness for an online hotline were people can report online images of child abuse. However, most childporn is actually not found on public websites, but in the more hidden and restricted areas of the internet, called the Dark Web. An obscure digital platform where people can easily exchange illegal footage while remaining completely anonymous.

Describe the creative idea/insights

So we fought the battle against childporn on two fronts. First we promoted by targeting people in general. We uploaded three videos on social media with ambiguous titles like ‘5-year-old playing with cock’. Of course, when the video started playing automatically people didn’t get to see real childporn, but innocent footage of children instead. The clip is then followed by the message that not all children’s videos are this innocent and that people should always report images of child abuse. Secondly, we took the campaign a step further and targeted pedophiles directly. With the help of federal police and Europol we managed to upload alternative versions of the videos on various appalling forums on the Dark Web. So when Paedophiles clicked on our video titles they didn’t get what they expected. We confronted them with their behaviour and urged them to seek help immediately via the prevention platform

Describe the strategy

As most childporn is not found on public websites anymore, but more and more located on the anonymous Dark Web, we thought it was time to target pedophiles through this relatively new medium and urge them to seek help. But to target pedophiles directly we had to find a way to reach them. We decided to pay them a visit on their own turf: The Dark Web. On different forums we uploaded videos with titles that sounded like real childporn. So when pedophiles downloaded our videos, they thought they would get to see real childporn. Instead they were show innocent children’s videos that urged them to seek help immediately via the prevention platform

Describe the execution

After thorough research and the approval and help of federal police and Europol we managed to dig our way into the Dark Web. Here we came across various anonymous forums and chat rooms where mostly Belgian Paedophiles are active. Under the pseudonym ‘Lollipop’ we then uploaded three videos (Dutch and French) with file names that sounded like real childporn. This way we effectively used the turf of pedophiles as a new media channel to approach them. In total the videos were uploaded 21 times on 12 different forums and chat rooms. Uploading started on November 17 2017 and all download links to videos are still alive today.

List the results

• The campaign was widely covered in news on national TV, radio and press. • The videos on the Dark Web were downloaded a shocking 11.000 times. • Calls for help to immediately doubled in the first weeks of the campaign. • The videos on social media were watched half a million times and reached one million people. • Reportings on increased by 40% in comparison to last year. • The campaign reached a total of 21 million media impressions and € 300.000 in earned media.