Product/ServiceTHE BEST CHAIR
Category A05. Networked / Connected Devices
Entrant COMON Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Idea Creation COMON Setúbal, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Nuno Peixoto comOn Chief Creative Officer
Pedro Ribeiro comOn Creative Director
Luiz Medeiros comOn Creative Director
Sónia Frazão comOn Creative Director
Rodolfo Garcia comOn Art Director
Márcia Galrão comOn Digital Designer
Caio Lekecinskas comOn Copywriter
Luís Serra comOn Chief Strategy Officer
Tiago Reis comOn Client Service Director
Rui Sobral comOn Creative Tech Director
Neuza Areiras comOn Managing Tech Director
Sérgio Ribeiro comOn Full-Stack Developer
Inês Carvalho comOn Account Director
Tiago Veríssimo comOn Account Manager
Filipe Macedo comOn Chief Marketing Officer
Margarida Forte comOn Communications Manager
Hugo Lage comOn Video Director
Elisa de Paula Freelancer AudioVisual Production
Ivo Cordeiro Human Being Photographer
José Matos Freelancer Compositing


Lisbon is set to become the next Silicon Valley. That’s why Mercedes-Benz IO, the brand’s digital hub, decided to open its new office in the city. And like every new office, it needed to hire new developers. A big challenge, considering that Lisbon can’t compete with the salaries and ambitions of Silicon Valley. That’s why we needed to offer something that could really inspire these talents, by creating something new that could really attract new talent to join Mercedes-Benz IO.

Describe the creative idea

We created the only job opportunity with a chair designed for its candidates. The Best Chair was launched to inspire new developers to join Mercedes-Benz IO in Lisbon. More than offering just a job position, we created something beyond ordinary. Something that could in developers. Each feature was designed to provide a better work experience, based on a developer’s working day. It’s possible to control and adjust the Best Chair to fit different working day routines, using a smartphone connected with the chair.

Describe the strategy

In the hunt for new developers around the world to join Mercedes-Benz IO in Lisbon, we choose the Web Summit, the largest technology event in Europe, to recruit them. An entire week full of people seeking new opportunities and ideas to inspire their careers. The perfect place to launch a new product with the top-notch features to attract developers: The Best Chair.

Describe the execution

Created from scratch, The Best Chair took around 3 months to be finished. we invested both time and talent to design its shape, tech-components, features and aesthetics details and all types of mobile experience, including design, UX and UI. Three months after, the chair was ready to be launched during the largest technology event in Europe - Web Summit. Using the event as media, we placed the chair inside the Mercedes-Benz’ booth to draw attention to every Web Summit visitor.

List the results

The idea was able to inspire 30 times more developers than the number of job positions available at Mercedes-Benz IO. The Best Chair project was a success and is already being implemented for the Mercedes-Benz IO offices in Stuttgart and Berlin.