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Anabel Varela OMD Spain Head of Strategy & Innovation
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To drive its relevance, in 2016 McDonald’s redesigned its App and placed it at the center of its loyalty program, My McDonald’s, aiming to design extremely personalized customer experiences. The challenge was extracting the intelligence of data to improve the experience of customers, controlling all the touchpoints in their journey and turning those strangers into well-known individuals. After a first year with amazing results (8% of McDonald’s sales in 2016 were exclusively attributed to the loyalty program via My McDonald’s App), in 2017 we focused in: Increasing downloads of the App +15% and number of unique users/month +25%. Qualifying those audiences: growth of McDonald’s 1st party database as an ongoing objective. Optimizing media investment through a smart use of that 1st Party data. Making a better exploitation of McDonald’s owned media: App, social media, web and WiFi of the restaurants.

Describe the creative idea

Owned and paid media worked together, complementing each other to reach our goal of driving traffic to restaurants and increasing the sales coming from the App. In the top of the conversion funnel we activated a paid campaign only redeemable from the App. “The Digital Calendar” surprised the consumer with a different promotion each day during a whole month. We used the collected data to select the products in promotion among the most requested for the users in the App. The campaign was launched in December 2017, and the only condition for consumers to access to amazing prices in their favorite McDonald’s products each day during a month, was to download My McDonald’s App. To capitalize on the potential of data while reaching the broadest possible target, we combined digital and TV, measuring the combined and isolated impact week by week to readjust our media strategy in real time.

Describe the strategy

From Mass McDonald’s to My McDonald’s: the brand would leverage on its traditional positioning 'feel good moments', using the data from the App to understand what do the ‘good moments’ mean for each person, and design personalized customer experiences. As the App rewards users depending on their loyalty level -Bronze, Silver and Gold-, the collection of data provided us with 3 audience clusters, already segmented and ready to be impacted one by one. In a first level, we wanted to turn the App into a business growth tool to create demand in off-peak periods, offering McDonald’s reaction capacity to readjust its promotions in real-time. In a second level of depth, our intention was to build a real source of user profiles that, in a mid-term basis, will be increasing McDonald’s owned media. That will allow us to invest less resources in paid media, thus optimizing the brand’s investments.

Describe the execution

In owned media, the users received offers on the App, push notifications and emails, segmented according to their preferences and loyalty levels. In paid media: • First, we activated retargeting campaigns in Google to reimpact users already close to the brand. • Secondly, we made a custom match of our data with 3rd Party Data from the main players of the market: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Also, we pioneered matching our data with that from the e-commerce leader: Amazon, obtaining information regarding purchase behaviour and journey of our customers. We found a whole base of potential users that were registered on those players but not in the App yet. We consequently established clusters and differentiated communication strategies for them: • Non-users: we excluded users of those platforms already registered in our App, and invite the rest to download it. • Look Alike: the custom match told us how do behave McDonald’s App users in those platforms, their interests and behavior. So, we looked for users with the same affinity criteria and impacted them. • Users: with those already registered in the App, we focused in increasing the use of the App and redemption, driving traffic to the restaurants.

List the results

By the end of 2017, 8.2% of sales came exclusively from the digital loyalty program. The campaigns impacting new clusters improved x2 our CTR in retargeting campaigns vs benchmark, and +13 points of conversion rate vs CR in Lookalike campaigns in Facebook. We optimized -7% cost per download vs 2016. In 2016 we put My McDonald’s App in the map, and in 2017 we made it leader in its category featuring a score of 71.5 over Burger king (66.5) or Foster’s Hollywood (49.2), its main competitors in this channel, according to Mobile Performance Index (MPIx®) calculated by Smartme Analytics monitoring real users. McDonald’s App reached #1 position in App Store and #4 position in Google Play Store, beside heavyweights like WhatsApp or Instagram, featuring 49% of penetration within spanish audiences 18-54 yo. (21.5MM of mobile devices representing the 100%)