Short List
Category D03. Special Build
Product/ServiceRAIN WI-FI
Production BC COMMUNICATIONS Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Additional Company STUDIO 2.35 Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Maria Kovaleva Geometry Chief Executive Officer
Howard Smiedt Geometry Chief Creative Officer EMEA
Oleg Tumanov Geometry Geometry Moscow Executive Creative Director
Oleg Sergeev Geometry Art Director
Elena Solovyeva Geometry Copywriter
Anastasia Tumanova Geometry Head of Art
Vladimir Blagiy Geometry 3D Designer
Nikolay Popov Geometry 3D Designer
Dave Gold Geometry Art Director
Olga Belyaeva Geometry Head of Strategy & Planning
Olga Kazmina Geometry Planning Director
Alexey Kostenko Geometry Account Director
Tatyana Simakova Geometry Account Manager
Maria Shestaeva Geometry Account Executive
Larisa Vasilyeva Geometry Traffic Manager
Anna Guseva Geometry Junior Producer
Tatiana Lovianikova BC Communications Project Manager
Maria Shakhova Maria Shakhova PR Agency CEO & founder
Dmitriy Tuprin Studio 2.35 DIRECTOR, EDITOR
Konstantin Silakov Studio 2.35 DOP
Dmitriy Kotovskiy Studio 2.35 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER
Inna Pokhodnya Tele2 Marketing Director
Artem Kirakozov Tele2 Head of Operational Marketing Department
Olga Elizarova Tele2 Senior Operational Marketing Manager
Elena Erenkova Tele2 Head of Marketing Department of Northwest Macroregion
Mikhail Irzak Tele2 Head of St. Petersburg Marketing Department
Inga Volferts Tele2 Senior Marketing Specialist
Denis Filatov Tele2 Marketing Projects Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the ambient or digital execution or campaign.

The audience was invited to experience the brand in-the-field in a new technological way: we invented the unique device – Rain Wi-Fi – the world's first rain-powered 4G-router that turns rain into free Internet. Those devices were installed across the city in selected locations. A team of engineers created an intelligent design solution – 4G-generator. Technological innovation allows rainwater to generate electricity without losing any energy in process. The system works in four simple steps: The device is installed into a drainpipe, then the rain flow activates a turbine, which generates electricity and the 4G-router delivers Wi-Fi. To date, a number of rain-powered 4G-routers have been installed across St Petersburg where its residents not only can benefit from high quality Wi-Fi connection, but also access exclusive content provided by exciting partners – The National Geographic channel, Psychologies and WWF.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

The campaign was targeted at urban residents of St. Petersburg who actively use mobile internet (chatting, watching content, playing games etc). An extensive investigation helped Tele2 to find local insights, painful for the audience: - Many of historical buildings in the city form narrow well-like courtyards. They are rather dense and uncomfortable with absolutely no 4G-connection. - This city is also very wet: 200 rainy days on average per year. When constantly running to hide from the rain in these ancient courtyards, people are mostly unable to use internet connection. Acknowledging the fact that the target audience simply can’t live without mobile internet, Tele2 installed rain-powered 4G-routers in courtyards across St. Petersburg, in the places where other mobile operators didn’t work at all. To support the campaign Tele2 launched promo page rainwifi.ru and invited city residents to vote for city locations where they believed they needed Rain Wi-Fi the most.