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Category D04. Live Advertising & Events
Entrant McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Production CRAFT Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Mónica Moro McCann Chief Creative Officer
Jon Lavín, Raquel Martínez McCann Executive Creative Directors
Mónica Moro, Juanma Corbalán McCann Copywriters
Raquel Martínez, David Valgañón McCann Art Directors
Javier Pascual, Elena Rodríguez, Alejandra Sierra McCann Account Team
Raquel Aguinaga Craft WW Audiovisual Producer
Ismail Najjar Craft WW Film Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the ambient or digital execution or campaign.

We placed a piece of IKEA furniture in a living room where nobody would ever imagine that it would go unnoticed which living room could theoretically be one where you would never expect to find a piece of IKEA furniture? A LIVING ROOM IN THE MUSEUM OF ROMANTICISM IN MADRID. We carried out an action, where on the weekend of 18th May, we placed pieces of IKEA furniture in one of the sitting rooms in the museum, with the aim of it going unnoticed by visitors. In addition we created an online as well as real life game that challenged both online and real life visitors to find the "hidden" pieces of furniture.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Although a lot of people think that IKEA sitting room furniture is in a very specific style (functional and minimalist),IKEA tells its clients that there is room for IKEA in any sitting room. This idea isn't just expressed in words but also in actions, proposing a game based 100% on people's prejudice that the brand wants to show.To participate, those taking part are accepting that the challenge is interesting. Just by participating our brand objectives are being met from the first premise: it's not easy to identify a piece of IKEA furniture , even in an 18th Century sitting room. Aims: Break the quality and variety barrier in respect of IKEA living rooms. Reinforce the concept of the campaign "Disassembling the IKEA living room that's in your head".