Short List
Product/ServiceSAMSUNG QLED TV
Category A04. Consumer Durables
Idea Creation WENDERFALCK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production WENDERFALCK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Petter Rudwall Wenderfalck Creative Director
Linn Petrén Wenderfalck Account Manager
Jens Johnsson Wenderfalck Art Director
Didrik Persson Wenderfalck Creative
Oskar Skott Wenderfalck Creative
Daniela Westmark Wenderfalck Copy
Anna Åkerblad Wenderfalck PR advisor
Katharina Sand Wenderfalck Project Manager
Emma Nilsson Wenderfalck PR Advisor
Joel Klasén Wenderfalck Graphic Designer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The Unspoil Me campaign combines all the aspects that make a great PR campaign. Based on insights about human behaviour and cultural trends, totally aligned with the clients overall brand philosophy and with a solid execution, the campaign surpassed all our defined targets and goals. By bringing the brand philosophy to life we managed to get hundreds of millions of consumers engaged in the campaign while strengthening the position of Samsung as a truly innovative company that helps people overcome barriers in everyday life and do things they do not think is possible.


Although Samsung’s latest TV:s are stunningly beautiful, holds the most innovative technology and provides a great image, many consumers tend to be more interested in what they are watching on TV than the TV itself and binge watching of series is a strong phenomena in the Nordics. The brief was to carry out a campaign for Samsung’s latest QLED TV in order to get people interested and engaged in the new TV from Samsung, but at the same time strengthening the Samsung brand and bringing the brand philosophy ”Do what you can’t” to life. Overall objectives: Strengthen the Samsung brand and focus on the new TV, to generate massive attention online. Achieve a media reach of at least 80 000 000 people worldwide. Get people to spend at least 2 000 hours at the campaign site. Create an increased interest and demand for the Samsung Qled TV.

Describe the creative idea

Nothing beats the feeling of truly indulging yourself in your favorite TV-series. Sadly, everything in life comes to an end, even your favorite TV-show. But research shows that hypnosis has the ability to manipulate people's mind to forget certain things. To launch the new Samsung QLED TV, we created the world’s first digital hypnosis – Unspoil Me – which enabled people to forget their favourite TV-series so that they could rewatch it. This time – on a new Samsung QLED TV. The hypnosis was created together with the famous hypnotist Fredrik Praesto and crafted into an interactive web experience where people listened to a 20 minute audio track to get hypnotised. The creative idea was based on human behaviour and a strong cultural context making it possible for us to tap into existing discussions online and made our campaign relevant from a media point of view.

Describe the strategy

Target audience: consumers in the Nordics (age 20-40) Target media: broad news media and credible magazines focusing on innovation, tech and gadgets. Pr planning: The planning process led us to some key insights. The interest for TV series is strong and growing in the Nordics and many people feel really sad when their favorite series comes to an end. Hypnosis which is well used in modern psychology and has the potential to make people forget certain memories could be a solution for consumers mourning the end of their favorite series. Strategic approach: to develop a new and innovative digital service that enabled people to forget their favorite TV-series. Make the solution so unique that it could interest global key media so that they would share the story, making it even more credible and relevant for our target media in the Nordics. Everything aligned with QLED messaging on the campaign site.

Describe the execution

We created Unspoil me – the world’s first digital hypnosis, available for the entire world to experience - together with the famous hypnotist Fredrik Praesto. An interactive web experience where people watched and listened to an audio track to get hypnotised. To prove that the hypnosis did work, we identified a well known Game Of Throne-fan, and hypnotised her into forgetting Game of Thrones, so that she could experience it again – on a Samsung QLED TV. Unspoil me was launched via extensive press material, media pitches and the concept movie where we hypnotized the GoT-fan and we also utilized Samsung’s own social media channels to the fullest. Initially, we targeted key international media to gain legitimacy and credibility. We also encouraged media to test for themselves. The campaign was launched in december 2017 and the activation towards media, influencers and social media was ongoing until end of January 2018.

List the results

The news about Samsung’s digital hypnosis went viral and created a media reach well over 380 000 000 impressions. Unspoil me was featured in major news outlets all over the world, newspapers, radio, TV and influencers all experienced the hypnosis to craft their own unique media story. We even hypnotised people on live television. Over 350 000 people visited the site and in total people spent over 22 000 hours in hypnosis – that’s over two years. During the campaign period, the online search for Samsung QLED TV increased with 500% on the target market, proving the business value of e truly bold and innovative idea. Media outputs: More than 220 articles about the campaign world wide. More than 380 000 000 impressions in total and the campaign organically sparked big forum discussions. Overall tone and messaging in line with target. The campaign (and thereby Samsung) was described as truly innovative in a vast majority of the articles. Target audience outcome: More than 550 000 visitors to the, QLED branded, campaign site. In total, people spent over 22 000 hours on the campaign site in the hypnosis. Business outcomes: online searches for Samsung QLED TV increased with 500% on the Nordic market during the campaign period.