Category A02. Other FMCG
Entrant CHEIL NORDIC Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation CHEIL NORDIC Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Sasan Faghihi Cheil Nordic Creative Director
Marcel Granfelt Saavedra Cheil Nordic Art Director
Magnus Svensson Cheil Nordic Client Director
Mats Wiberger Cheil Nordic Strategic Planner
Alexandra Sjoberg Cheil Nordic Copywriter
Fredrika Stern Cheil Nordic Graphic Designer
Johan Lindqvist Cheil Nordic Project Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Because it addressed a global debate about Women and their Age. It did not only take a stand towards the usage of the term Anti Age but also removed it from it's products which was embraced by Women in Sweden.


Swedish Women over 40 did not feel that there was a brand that spoke directly to them. They felt Anti Age was an outdated concept and they wanted change. The brief was to relaunch NIVEA cellular in an authentic and fresh way. Make the brand relevant for the modern Nordic women. Communicate that NIVEA Cellular effectively prevents wrinkles. Objective: Boost awareness and increase sales. NIVEA Cellular should be the choice for women over 40.

Describe the creative idea

We took a new approach to beauty communication and removed Anti-Age from our vocabulary, so that Women, no matter how old they are, could embrace their age and feel good about themselves.

Describe the strategy

The Women we targeted were 40+ We used a mix of classic media such as TV and Print together with Social and Online to generate most amount of reach to generate awareness and PR buzz. We brought on one of Swedens's most liked and famous Women to be our Spokesperson. This generated great PR value. We related to an already hotly discussed topic and not only took distance to the word Anti Age but also removed the words Anti Age from our products.

Describe the execution

A press release went out to communicate the new campaign and its spokesperson. By using a very relevant Celebrity we were quickly the talk of the town. We created buzz from day 1 of the campaign which rolled out in May 2018 and kept on going for 6 weeks. The 2nd flight of the campaign is now in the works. We created a 360 campaign that used 5 channels to carry the message. TV, Online, Social, Print & In store.

List the results

More than 10 Swedish Media Outlets reported on the Campaign, including Expressen, the leading newspaper in Sweden. The campaign generated an increase in sales of 38%.