ClientBLU TV
Category A09. Media / Entertainment
Name Company Position
Can Bilginer McCann Istanbul Creative Director
Zeynep Derinoz McCann Istanbul Group Account Director
Sahika Sukayan McCann Istanbul Account Executive
Demeter Dinler McCann Istanbul Art Director
Aylin Irmak Duran McCann Istanbul Jr. Social Media Executive
Melda Borekcioglu McCann Istanbul Copywriter
Neslihan Soydas McCann Istanbul Creative Director
Ozan Dundar McCann Istanbul Motion Graphics

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The influencer box was a direct mail to influencers and celebrities. Once they received our box, they shared about it on their instagram and twitter accounts and helped us create awareness about blutv’s new comedy show Bartu Ben.


Each and every brand uses influencers to promote their products by doing a project or sending them a review box. This has started to become repetitive and users’ perspective has changed accordingly. With that situation, the impact and the effect on the users began to diminish and to lose its credibility. Blutv has been briefing us for the promotions of their in-house productions, the common point of all briefs we have ever had was that the ideas should be in accordance with the show’s essence and tone of voice. Their latest show, Bartu Ben, is a show written and played by the same actor, which tackles the life of a half-famous actor. The storytelling also takes a stand and criticizes film industry / show business. For our communication objective, the main point was to reflect that stand, cynicism while executing the PR necessities to create awareness and a viewers community.

Describe the creative idea

Bartu Ben being an unusual show and the same old contents losing their effects on users, we came up with the idea that suits the show’s spirit the best. We thought our box should be witty and should differentiate to get attention, that is why we sent influencers and celebrities an empty box with only a note in it, without any “paid partnership”. Even though they were not paid for it, influencers and celebrities shared our box on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. The users noticed and embraced our “pun”. Normally, users watch and comment but our main success was to make them share these contents about a box that contained nothing. One week prior to air date we sent the boxes and started social listening with the show’s hashtag, followed the activities on influencers’ and celebrities’ accounts and watch our box’s word getting spread counting the comments and shares.

Describe the strategy

As the show’s humor is edgy, it is not apt for mass nor for TV. The show would be appreciated by a certain group of age and level of education who are present and active on social media. We defined the recipients of our box according to the demographics of their followers. We also sent our box to influencers and to celebrities who usually do not do box reviews, this also helped to draw even more attention to our PR activity.

Describe the execution

We created a simple box with the significant color of the show which is a specific shade of yellow. We only printed the show’s and blutv’s logo on it. To keep it simple and to the point we printed the note on a white card with a yellow frame around it.

List the results

Through influencers and celebrities we reached over 11 million users on social media and created awareness about the show. Blutv users are all about the signature show “Sifir Bir” and they unceasingly talk and comment about it. After this PR activity, for once we were able to make our users talk about a different in-house production.