Category A05. Automotive
Entrant ANTONI Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation ANTONI Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Martin Pross antoni garage Chief creative officer
Tilman Gossner antoni Garage Executive Creative Director
Alexander Holtz antoni Garage Creative Director
Matthias Bauer antoni Garage Art Director
Matti Lietsch antoni Garage Copywriter
Marcel Krempin antoni Garage Creative Director Art
Sebastian Henning antoni Garage Designer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The Amber Cube became the talk of the Detroit Auto Show and the picture spread around the world reaching 258 Million media impressions and a media equivalent of 10.5 Million €.


o Situation In January 2018, a new generation of the G-Class is being launched. The target group's biggest fear: Will the new G-Class still be the G-Class or will it lose its iconic design? o Brief The G-Class from Mercedes-Benz has been nearly unchanged since its very first model from 1979. For the launch of the new G-Class in January 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show, our client asked us to celebrate the off-roader's unique DNA. o Objectives The campaign should celebrate the off-roader's DNA and make the G-Class the talk of the Detroit Auto Show. Furthermore, Mercedes aimed to increase the sales of the G-Class by 45% in 2018.

Describe the creative idea

Following the example of nature, an imposing installation for the off-roader's strong genes is raised. Therefore, one original G-Class from 1979 gets encased in resin. The Amber Cube: 90 days of production, 45 tons of resin - and just one try. The cube welcomed the visitors of the Detroit Auto Show and became the trade fair's most photographed image.

Describe the strategy

Our targetgroup consists of different groups: The off-roaders, who value the G-Class for its off-road capability; the aesthetes, who love the G-Class as a design-icon; the extroverts, who take the car as a status-symbol; and the mainstream, because for Mercedes, the G-Class always serves as a brandshaper. One original G-Class from 1979 encased in resin - the idea aimed to draw awareness and let it spread around the world. Therefore, the automotive as well as mainstream-press and social media were our targetmedia. Our strategy differentiated different targetgroups. For each targetgroup, we defined specific touch-points. The off-roaders inform themselves principally via automative and off-road-press. The aesthetes prefer lifestyle magazines. The extroverts spend a lot of time on social media, especially on Instagram. And the mainstream will be reached. A strong idea of an unseen landmark that brings across the message of the off-roader's unchangeable DNA as the heart of our campaign.

Describe the execution

o Implementation of the PR A teaser began the conversation, hinting at the unchangeable DNA of the G-Class. Prior to the campaign start we provided the media with extensive making-of video and photo material. o Timeline The Amber Cube was built over a period of one year. 90 days alone of nonstop casting were necessary to errect this artwork. Its first public show was during the Detroit Auto Show in early January 2018. Other locations such as St. Petersburg, Berlin and Dubai will follow. o Scale The measures of the Amber Cube: Height: 3.10 m; width: 2.55 m; length: 5.50 m; volume: 43.48 m3; weight: 52 t; duration: for eternity

List the results

o Tier 1: Media Outputs - coverage depth (quality/quantity), tone and message delivery, purchase intent (survey) The Amber Cube became the talk of the Detroit Auto Show and the picture spread around the world reaching 258 million media impressions and a media equivalent of 10.5 Million €. o Tier 2: Target Audience Outcomes - measurable changes in awareness, comprehension, perceptions/attitudes/opinions, and target behaviors/actions/responses achieved The campaign made the G-Class a major topic on social media. With more than 50.000 comments and more than 500.000 interactions in the first four weeks of the campaign our target group got actively involved into our campaign. o Tier 3: Business Outcomes - campaign's measurable effect on sales/revenues/profits, market share, stock valuation, brand equity, reputation scores and other traditional marketing and business metrics