Category B08. Use of Celebrity, Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders
Product/ServiceNIVEA MEN
Entrant IMA Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation IMA Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation 2 BEIERSDORF Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement IMA Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production IMA Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production 2 BEIERSDORF Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Emilie Tabor IMA Founder & CMO
Siobhan McDonagh IMA Senior Brand Strategist
Caroline Krouwel IMA Senior Producer
Raoul Sturme IMA Producer
Alisa Müller Beiersdorf - NIVEA MEN Int. Content Production Manager
Jasper Krog Beiersdorf - NIVEA MEN Int. Head Content Marketing

Why is this work relevant for PR?

We harnessed the power of influencers to greatly change the perception of NIVEA men in millennial men helping NIVEA meet their desired KPI's and business objectives. We used digital influencers to help give a new image to the brand, one that the millennial men would want to be a part of.


NIVEA MEN is a well-known brand worldwide, with a traditional image and traditional advertising methods. TV commercials and print advertisements are the reason why its new audience of contemporary millennials don't think the brand is for them, and why they are losing market share to competitors. We were tasked with helping NIVEA MEN break away from their conventional image, therefore enticing the target audience to incorporate NIVEA MEN into their daily routine, and positioning them as a modern company that listens to their consumer’s needs.

Describe the creative idea

Rather than disregarding traditional advertising mediums altogether, we transformed one. NIVEA MEN already had a football sponsorship with one of the world’s most supported teams: Real Madrid. We knew this would capture attention from the target audience, so we transformed this sponsorship into something men would want to and could be a part of. Instead of communicating from business to consumer, we leveraged human to human connection. 31 influencers from all over the world were invited to Madrid to experience the life of a Real madrid player. From watching a match, to sightseeing, to getting ready for a game with NIVEA. The invitation was also extended to several lucky followers, who they made sure their followers were all there with them. Activating the right audience, through the right influencers, made sure everyone could be part of the game.

Describe the strategy

NIVEA’s consumer research showed that its target audience didn’t appreciate its “boring advertising”. What they do appreciate, however, is influencers. And football. To connect the NIVEA MEN grooming products, we gave 31 influencers the chance to be a part of their favourite footballers’ rituals in Madrid. Because a NIVEA study showed that men feel better when they’re prepared. From changing room tips, to favourite restaurants, they were given backstage access into the lives of Real Madrid players and how they stay prepared. These were international influencers whose followings were the right demographics for NIVEA MEN’s target audience. Meaning an interest in football, grooming and within the millennial age bracket. We provided the influencers with an experience they would want to share, which they did across social channels driving sky-high levels of earned media. An additional consumer activation drove engagement and reach to involve the influencers’ followings on a global scale.

Describe the execution

31 influencers were flown to Madrid for a weekend of activities with NIVEA and Real Madrid. Some of their lucky followers joined them as winners of the online activation. They visited the grounds, had a tour of the changing rooms, met the players, enjoyed a kick-around on the training pitch, attended a Real Madrid game, explored the city and more. All activities were captured on film in photo and video content that the influencers could repurpose with #preparewithNIVEAMEN. A majority of the content was shared live whilst the influencers were in Madrid, across channels ranging from Instagram, YouTube, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram Stories provided a highly effective format for helping their followers make them feel like they were really there with them. During the game, an in-stadium Twitter activation took place that boosted reach. Additional global press coverage from the game itself included the NIVEA x Real Madrid partnership.

List the results

45.100.000 impressions (sextupled the KPI) 1.800.000 engagements (quintupled) 8% social engagement rate (more than 2.5x industry standard) 1,161 earned posts (sextupled) 85% earned media 31 influencers (vs 22 KPI) #2 trending topic in Spain on Twitter with #preparewithNIVEAMENf This is NIVEA’s most successful digital campaign to date. Providing an experience with perfectly matched influencers drove high levels of earned media, press coverage, engagement and therefore ROI. We were able to activate the right audience through the right influencers. By repurposing the traditional sports sponsorship, we facilitated game involvement from everyone; player, influencer and follower alike.