Category A01. Food & Drink
Entrant BBDO Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation BBDO Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement OMD GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Production STUDIO FUNK Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Wolfgang Schneider BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Till Diestel BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Managing Director
Tobias Grimm BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Managing Director
Michael Schachtner BBDO Berlin GmbH Executive Creative Director
David Missing, Nicolas Linde BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Director
Nico Baumann, Dany Rothemund BBDO Berlin GmbH Copywriter
Alexandra Schöne BBDO Berlin GmbH Account Director
Steffen Gentis BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Production Officer
Silke Rochow BBDO Berlin GmbH Agency Producer
Nima Gholiagha Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Studio Manager
Marius Wiechmann Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Sound Engineer
Alan Orpin - Narrator

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Eating fresh fruit as a quick vitamin fix only feels healthy till you think of the countless hands of other (possibly gross) supermarket shoppers that touched your apples and peaches before you. For German juice brand antidote we highlighted that insight with describing three especially off-putting fruit-touchers, asking people to rather get their dose of fresh fruit bottled.


NARRATOR "Welcome home“, Bernard whispers, as he carefully places the chipmunk in the tutu next to the 'morchestra' – that’s his stuffed mouse orchestra. Bernard's heart has always been beating for animals that no longer have one. Scalpel, wool, needle – that's all he needs to make a new friend. Just like Jonathan here – the young red fox's smile looks a bit forced. No wonder, since he got dragged 2 miles over the highway by an 18-Wheeler. A stiff piece of work: Now and then he still finds a bit of Jonathan under his fingernails. But nothing says 'Thank you' like a look into these bright glass eyes. And that's why he installed cat flap at his front door that only opens inwards. Because Bernard knows: friends don't just fall into your lap. Not unless you've got a compound bow. SFX Supermarket ambient noise. NARRATOR And right now Bernard is in the supermarket going through the apples: “Hmm, this one has bruises and this one smells like dead red fox.” OFF You never know who touched your fruits before. Antidote organic juice – fresh fruits bottled.