Category A06. Retail
Idea Creation CREUNA Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Petter Andersen Creuna Norge Creative director/Copywriter
Anders Asheim Creuna Norge Creative director/Art director
Beate Haugane Creuna Project manager
Eskil Paus Både Og Radio director
Lenny Kittilsen Både Og Music maker
Snitt Bade Og Sound designer
Både Og Både Og Production company

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

Shell – The hamburger Station – is a very short radio station played out in the ad break in between the other shows on Norway's biggest radio stations. This spot is made as a Hip hop station. It features the same type of sound design and host as we are used to hear in this type of radio station. But unlike regular radio stations, the host at The Hamburger Station are only talking about how they make tasty hamburgers at 221.0 locations nationwide.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

In Norway most of the big chains of petrol stations have started selling fast food and other grocery products. Also, an increasing part of the population are driving electric vehicles. So the reason to visit the petrol stations are very often no longer just to get petrol. That’s why we’re rebranding from being the petrol stations selling hamburgers, to becoming hamburger stations that also sell petrol.


You’re listening to Shell – the hamburger station – at 221.0 locations across the country. The station that gives you a real treat along the road. Here’s the night shift with Mona. Yoyoyo What up Tonight I’m gonna’ fix you a real burger you gonna dig. We’re talking lit beefs Tasty cheese And fresh Norwegian greens Yup Give me a bite heh Shell – the hamburger station – at 221.0 locations, across the country.