Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Production STUDIO FUNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Wolfsburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz & Partner CCO
Norman Scholl Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Norman Scholl Grabarz & Partner Copywriter
Ulrike Mallien Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Daniel Wunderer Grabarz & Partner Agency Producer
Marcus Philipp Volkswagen AG Head of Marketing Germany
Henning Teichmann Volkswagen AG Head of Classical Communication
Torsten Hennings Studio Funk GmbH u. Co. KG Sound Engineer
Carsten Berlin Studio Funk GmbH u. Co. KG Casting
Torsten Hennings Studio Funk GmbH u. Co. KG Director
Norman Scholl Grabarz & Partner Director

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

Your body has to work a lot while driving. A signal that is picked up by the eye first goes through all body parts - brain, heart, ears, stomach, neck and many other parts. It can sometimes be too late until the signal finally arrives at your foot or your hands. Fortunately, there are the safety features from Volkswagen. They support you and your body at crucial moments. In our commercials “Donut” and “Ponytail”, we describe two of these moments. And how your body and the Volkswagen safety feature deal with them.


The radio commercial “Donut“. (An interesting narrator’s voice:) This is: THE ANATOMY OF THE STREET. (SFX: During the commercial, we hear a heartbeat which is complemented by several sounds.) Your ears hear: munching from the backseat. Your eyes stare: into the rear mirror at your 4 year old son. Your pupils focus: on a dripping, double chocolate cream donut. Your left brain thinks: oh no. Your right brain says: do something. Your hand moves: from the steering wheel. Your back turns: 190 degrees backwards. Your right arm stretches: like Mr. Elastic. Your fingers feel for: the donut, but instead you find an old cheese sandwich. Your new Tiguan: (SFX: The loud beeping sound of the Volkswagen Lane Assist.) ... steers automatically left and so avoids a collision with the car next to you. The Tiguan with Lane Assist. (Off-Speaker:) Volkswagen.