Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Production SONHOUSE Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Arnaud Pitz BBDO Belgium Creative Director
Sebastien De Valck BBDO Belgium Creative Director
Frederik Clarysse BBDO Belgium Copywriter
Gertjan De Smet BBDO Belgium Art Director
Wouter Van Den Herrewegen BBDO Belgium Strategic Director
Melissa Fastenaekels BBDO Belgium Account Manager
Diane Vandebroek BBDO Belgium Account Director
Nicolas Van Poeck BBDO Belgium Radio Producer

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We all know them: drivers who park their car outside the white lines taking up 2 places, or those who cut us off to be in a parking spot first. We can hardly restrain our frustration when we are confronted with them. But for smart drivers the so-called “bad parkers” are a blessing. In all their rudeness, they often leave a small space where no car can park... except a smart . That's why the brand lets a number of smart drivers say “thank you” entirely in their own way.


To the lady who cut me off yesterday. thank you You were the first to reach the last parking spot. I saw you twisting and turning, struggling with yourself. you knew you this wasn’t fitting. so you just drove off. and let me park You have a heart as big as your SUV. and to thank you, the Smart Deals are here. Ask a Smart Mercedes-Benz dealer. terms and conditions on