Category B01. Brand & Communications Design
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement PHD Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Södertälje, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Anna-Emilja Salonen NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Simon Higby NORD DDB Stockholm CD
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm CCO
Maja Björklén NORD DDB Stockholm Client Director
Linda Lonaeus NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Jonas Eriksson NORD DDB Stockholm Social Media & Content Manager
Susanne Johansson NORD DDB Stockholm PR Director
Per Sundin NORD DDB Stockholm Studio Copy
Mikael Norberg NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Anna Lisspers NORD DDB Stockholm Print Production Manager
Jeanette Asteborg Volkswagen Sweden Marketing Director
Carl Sundstedt Volkswagen Sweden Commercial Manager
Olof Ringmar Mandarin Retouch & Photo

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The Beatles' Abbey Road is one of the world's most iconic albums. Volkswagen noticed that there is a badly parked Beetle on the equally iconic cover photo. So, for the album's 50th anniversary, they reparked the 5th Beatle to promote Park Assist, a technology they did not have 50 years ago. Coinciding with the official release of the album's Remastered Edition, Volkswagen released a Reparked Edition – a new vinyl cover with a correctly parked Beetle.

Tell the jury about the art direction.

For the new, Reparked Edition of the original album cover, Volkswagen recreated the scene on Abbey Road in 1969, on the day the iconic album cover was shot. But with one improvement – a correctly parked Beetle, shown fifty years later. The image also includes a couple of easter eggs for diehard fans to find. The art direction was dictated by creating a vinyl cover that is true to the original, so that people could easily replace the cover with a badly parked Beetle with the new, correctly parked one.