Category B02. Packaging Design
Product/ServiceFEDORA PET NAT
Entrant PRISTOP Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Idea Creation PRISTOP Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Name Company Position
Matija Kocbek Pristop, d.o.o. Head of design and innovations
Barbara Podlogar Pristop, d.o.o. Art Director
Peter Zabret Pristop, d.o.o. Senior copywriter
Damjana Grošelj Pristop, d.o.o. Production manager
Samo Jarc Pristop, d.o.o. Desktop publishing creator
Primož Korošec Freelancer Freelance photographer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Pet Nat is a novelty to Slovene market - which is quite competitive when it comes to wines. Even more, in Slovenia there has been a high-level wine culture - making general public hard to persuade with a completely new wine style.

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Fedora Pet Nat

Tell the jury about the art direction.

The design of Fedora's Pet Nat label derives from the primary line of wines with a distinctively clean aesthetic. Though it represents a whole different type of wine that is far more crafty, vibrant and unpredictable. We wanted to embrace these qualities with the technique of the illustration that serves the core idea and fits well within the genre of naturally fermented wines. Heavy thick glass bottle with standard gold pry-off crown cap symbolizes the adolescence of its contents, while sketchy interpretation of the sailor's portrait represents a vague memory of his younger days. The center point is, of course, the missing eye - a hole with the purpose of catching the viewer's eye implying a quick peek. Because only when the love of his life is visible on the other side, the wine is ready to be enjoyed.