Category E04. Outdoor
Entrant MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company MEETIC / MATCH.COM EUROPE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexandre Lubot Match Groupe CEO Match Groupe EMEA & APAC
Matthieu Jacquier Meetic CEO Meetic
Sophie Ak Gazeau Meetic VP Markets Europe
Jérôme Rivière Meetic Consumer & Marketing Director Europe
Julie Deffontaines Meetic Marketing Manager Europe
Clara Lesaulnier Meetic Social Media Manager Europe
Héloïse des Monstiers Meetic France Market Director
Pascal Nessim Marcel CEO
Charles Georges-Picot Marcel CEO
Anne de Maupeou Marcel CCO Publicis France
Gaëtan du Peloux Marcel Executive Creative Director
Youri Guerassimov Marcel Executive Creative Director
Laura Aondio Marcel Creative
Francesca Vitello Marcel Creative
Virgile Lassalle Marcel Creative
Nicolas Levy Marcel CSO & Managing Partner
Sébastien Jauffret Marcel Associate Director
Léoda Esteve Marcel Strategic Planner
Alexandre Honoré Marcel Strategic Planner
Angelo Giordano Marcel Account Manager
Claire Sioufi Marcel Account Executive
Marine Borreil Marcel Project manager
Constance Bonardi Marcel Social Media Manager
Suzanne Pereira Dias Marcel Producer
Nathalie Turmel Marcel Producer
Christophe Gillon Marcel Model Maker
Olivia Garaud Marcel Motion Designer
Maxime Philippeaux Marcel Motion Designer
Vincent Iweins Marcel Motion Designer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Today, you can date almost anyone, anywhere, anytime. But sometimes with dating goes a lot of disappointment. In this fast-dating-apps environment, a lot of singles are constantly tempted to date someone new. This leads to meaningless connections between people and unpleasant dating behaviors. On the other hand, many committed singles are still ready for a real story. Unfortunately, in recent years, modern dating portrayed this mindset as old-fashioned and boring in favor of swipes and unlimited exploration. Listening to them, commitment may sounds like a bad word. That’s why we have decided to do the exact opposite and celebrate the sexiness of commitment. Hero the banal, the comfortable and the everyday – to elevate the tedious to an aspiration. Because deep down, in the long run, that’s what we’re all looking for.

Tell the jury about the copywriting.

We did it with quotes that takes love seriously without taking oneself too seriously. To touch people’s heart, we decided to remove all the unnecessary and let everyone read these quotes and let them resonate for them and their personnal situations. Visually, we also wanted to show the clear blue water it puts between us and the rest of the “hook-up” platforms.