Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity
Idea Creation SOLID DOGMA Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Diogo Potes Solid Dogma Head of Design
Joana Neves Solid Dogma Account Director
Pedro Pires Solid Dogma Creative Director
Pedro Pires Solid Dogma Creative Director
Pedro Sousa Solid Dogma Graphic Designer
Pedro Sousa Solid Dogma Graphic Designer
Ana Castanho Solid Dogma Copywriter


For 20 years Neotalent has been closely developing its expertise inside the most advanced technological group in Portugal – Novabase. And its mother-company has been leading this change for 30 years: from software to complex engineering, from infra-structuring to applications, they've learned everything about digital transformation. About several different digital transformations. Burt when they thought technology was the only thing that mattered, they actually understood that people matter more. So, Neotalent was born out of that concept: they talent specialist brand, that recruits the best people only to match them to the most ambitious project needs. They’ve built a state-of-the-art talent providing business, as career specialists. Interpreting talent as the most valuable currency of the digital age, the challenge was to create a new Positioning, Identity and Visual Cosmos for this brand - for a 205K budget.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Considering its technological heritage and recruitment sector, we decided to leverage on a world of 'responsiveness': shaping a system that mirrors the encounter between corporate rationality and human organic feel — incorporating small imperfections, details of design that imply that rationality happens within a human context. So, we created a technically efficient identity that incorporates several highly distinctive elements, taking responsiveness as a driver for meaning and structural representation, directly translated in a visual gimmick that allows us to have dynamic visual systems, placing the identity as a tool for relevant message production – and more than verbally, visually positioning Neotalent as the frontrunner in this searching/recruiting segment. "Neotalent. The Responsive People" was the concept/claim we chose to corroborate this ID, underlining the company as the best talent provider for a project's needs — as we can consider as target all companies with a high-level of education recruitment need.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

In responsive times we need a responsive ID too. So we considered: - Technology-based heritage, w/glitchy, pixel evocations. - The Mobile & Digital Future inspiration from a responsive and multi-screen world. - The Notions of Rigor and Technical Ability minimal, regular, pure forms. And we focused on the most relevant value of them all: the "search engine" ability – implying, in a recruitment sector scenario, the notion of being the most able to find the right talent. That introduces "The Search Box Identity System": we created the brand as a stretching/responsive organism, to fit multiple skills/messages – conveying the notion of scouting and talent-finding expertise. The “O” shape enables messaging and value versatility, reflecting an agile and mutable search force, through the personalisation and responsiveness at the core of our concept. The launch was corroborated with a physical and Digital brand book, stationary, motion videos, internal posters and website layout.

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