Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity
Idea Creation VBAT Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Stefan Pangratz VBAT I Superunion Senior Design Director
André Soff VBAT I Superunion Strategy Director
Koen Koster VBAT I Superunion Account Director
Janneke Rijpstra Geldmaat Head of Communications & Public Affairs
Renata Szlachta VBAT I Superunion Designer
Maarten van Disseldorp VBAT I Superunion Designer
Rodolfo Kusulas VBAT I Superunion Designer
Joe Faulding VBAT I Superunion Junior Designer
Richard Smit Globrands Consultant at Globrands
Diederik Sas VIM Group Senior Project Manager


Situation Few countries have a higher density of ATMs than The Netherlands. But as Dutch society continues to go digital, cash withdrawals are declining year after year. That is why its three largest banks – ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank – joined forces to launch a single ATM service for everyone, everywhere. Brief/Objectives •To develop a strategy that respected
the importance of cash money for Dutch society. •To create a name, brand- and user experience, using existing platforms and hardware. •To develop a friendly, yet trustworthy expression for the brand which is both accepted and respected by the public. •To create a unifying brand identity that respects all stakeholders (The general public, the three banks and the Dutch National bank) Budget Not applicable Scale & Volume Over 2500 cashpoints in the Netherlands will be changed into “Geldmaat” by the end of 2021, including changed user experience and signage.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Brand Relevance As banks disappear from the cityscape, our aim was to compensate the loss of their ubiquitous logos with a strikingly visible alternative. The choice of yellow was both brand specific and strategic. Yellow is a warm colour that functions as a signal, in much the same way pharmacies do: immediately recognisable and visible from afar, day and night. 
 A more practical reason was that we had
to avoid using the primary colours of the three banks behind Geldmaat, meaning
no green (ABM AMRO), no orange (ING) and no blue (Rabobank). Target Audience Taking into consideration the most digitally vulnerable citizens in society – the elderly and visually impaired – we used this opportunity to rewrite, as much as possible, the ATM experience. 

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

While the brief required an accessible and user-friendly name and identity, our strategy looked beyond being just easy on the eye. Our usual way of navigating the streetscape is changing fast. The colour codes of the bank which guided us until now are disappearing and created the need for a reset and a new urban code for cash money. With this in mind, the colour, the rounded frame and the friendly signage were developed. Purposely designed to look more like traffic signs than branding. Not to make it more beautiful, but simply to make sure people see it. We used this opportunity to rewrite the ATM experience and the user interface to work for the most digitally vulnerable citizens in society- the elderly and visually impaired. The frames are manufactured of stainless steel to comply with the highest security standards and to withstand the intensive use (and misuse) through time.

List the results (20% of vote)

An anthropomorphised money dispatcher that is both easy to use and impossible to forget. It is very practical, functional –
and very Dutch. Beautiful in its simplicity and noble in its social function. By 2021, every ATM in the Netherlands will be a “Geldmaat” and share the same branding and interface. The user experience of the screens has been tested extensively in close collaboration with the organisation of visual impaired people in the Netherlands. After the introduction of the “Geldmaat” brand, there was a lot of coverage in Dutch trade press, consumer press, and on social media. A clear proof of the big cultural impact a project like this has on a whole nation.