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Idea Creation 2 VéLOSOPHY London, UNITED KINGDOM
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James Nester Weber Shandwick Executive Creative Director
Luke Walker Weber Shandwick Creative Director
Kate Sarginson Weber Shandwick Managing Director
Laura Tapper Weber Shandwick Managing Director
Heather Blundell Weber Shandwick Managing Director
Steph Johnson Weber Shandwick Director
Claire McPhillips Weber Shandwick Associate Director
Zahra Anjari Weber Shandwick Project Manager
Michael Mumford Weber Shandwick Senior Manager
Lucy Eastoe Weber Shandwick Senior Associate


Sustainability is part of the DNA of Nespresso. From its conception. It’s why from day one Nespresso chose to use aluminium – with its infinitely recyclable properties – as its packaging. Not only because it keeps the coffee as fresh, but also because it has the strongest environmental properties – once recycled it can be turned back into planes, cars, and even new Nespresso capsules. The challenge was to raise awareness of aluminium’s value and of Nespresso’s recycling initiatives. To tell its story and counter some of the negative conversation, Nespresso turned to the start-up community to find the most innovative and relevant solution to its sustainability challenge. By creating a beautiful object that represents the very essence of sustainable living, the bicycle, Nespresso aimed to increase awareness of the aluminium properties across the globe.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

At the heart of this campaign lies two brands that are equally passionate about sustainability and elegant design – this synergy between Nespresso and Swedish bicycle start-up Vélosophy made for a deeply credible and engaging story. Our target audience wants to feel good about what they purchase. They want to enjoy a good cup of coffee while also limiting their impact on the environment. This campaign was designed to reinforce this message to the end consumer, and encourage them to play a more active role in ensuring that the aluminium ends back up in the Nespresso recycling system. The RE:CYCLE campaign – not only had the bicycle at its heart – but also supported the Velosophy one-for-one promise. For every bike purchased, Vélosophy donates a bike to help young girls get to school in Ghana. And owning a bike statistically increases school attendance and the likelihood of graduation.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The limited edition Vélosophy RE:CYCLE bike is an icon of circular economy design. Created for conscious-living coffee lovers, the aluminium frame was forged from recycled Nespresso capsules. The RE:CYCLE edition is a high-quality bicycle, balancing sustainability and style. Vélosophy re-imagined its classic model in striking, bright purple, a nod to Nespresso’s popular Arpeggio coffee. Finishing touches include a capsule-shaped bell, high-quality saddle and handles, as well as a steam-bended oak carrier basket with two cup holders for cyclists to enjoy their favourite drink on the go. The design elegantly blends the two brands together, which is reflected in the colour, composition and materials used to craft the product. The RE:CYCLE bike harnesses aluminium’s potential. The design reminds us that small actions, such as recycling Nespresso coffee pods, can set a chain of re-creation in motion. Endlessly Recyclable. Infinitely Beautiful.

List the results (20% of vote)

This campaign has changed the conversation for Nespresso, with media offering up wide-reaching positive narratives around the brand’s sustainability efforts. With the likes of CNN, Fast Company, Mail Online, Reuters, Sky News and Vogue, all positively endorsing the brand’s efforts, this represents a shift in time for Nespresso. This is reflected in positive shifts in brand perception; social media tracking has demonstrated a higher than average rate of positive mentions since the campaign. Of the 1,000 bicycles produced, over 950 have been sold so far, making it the best-selling bike Vélosophy has produced to date. And with the Velosophy one-for-one promise, this will positively impact nearly 1,000 girls in Ghana. This is just the beginning and we are already working on Velosophy 2.0, so we can continue to tell the Nespresso story and show the positive impact of this brand on the world.