ClientICE 3
Category E03. Food / Drink
Product/ServiceICE CUBES
Idea Creation GITTOBATTAGLIA 22 Milano, ITALY
Production GITTOBATTAGLIA 22 Milano, ITALY
Name Company Position
Vincenzo Gitto Gitto Battaglia 22 Executive Creative Director
Roberto Battaglia Gitto Battaglia 22 Executive Creative Director
Nicola Nannavecchia Gitto Battaglia 22 Art Director
Nicholas Mingrino Gitto Battaglia 22 Copywriter
Federica Croce Gitto Battaglia 22 Art Director


95% of the food sold in Europe comes in a package, and even when companies adopt compostable packs, still the ink they use is toxic. Ice Cube, a leading company in the production of ice for consumption, decided to face this issue, abandoning its previous plastic and colorful packaging to adopt a 100% plant-based and compostable one. Our goal was to communicate the transition from an average pack to a completely sustainable one in the most simple and powerful way.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

The ink used by packaging industry is often toxic for the environment, especially when it comes to compostable packaging. To address this issue, we redesigned Ice Cube’s pack choosing a visual identity able to reduce at the minimum its impact on the environment. No coloured inks, no images, no frills of any kind: We only used low grade hues of the least impactful colour of all, black, keeping the ink usage lower than 0,5%. Ice Cube products are renowned and appreciated among bartenders, as by the average consumer in an age range that goes from 18 up to 50 years old. Ice Cube also exports abroad in other european countries, among which: France, Netherlands and Benelux.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Redesigning the new Ice Cube's packaging we opted for a minimalist visual identity, choosing to maintain only the graphic elements that charachterized the previous pack in order to make the new one recognizable (a hand holding a glass and the company logo). A second essential element of the pack's graphic approach is the explicative and provocative text we inserted in the bottom of its front side. It attracts the attention of the consumers to the qualities of the pack graphic style, material and sustainability, to make them aware of the meaning of the redesign operation. The material we chose is 100% plant-based and compostable, biodegradable in only three months.

List the results (20% of vote)

Thanks to this project, Ice Cube gained a strong reputation as sustainable brand, willing to turn its concerns for environmental issues into effective solutions able to address impactful changes. The new green pack we designed has given the consumers a unique opportunity to appreciate how sustainability could also be esthetically pleasant, making actual environement supporters out of them.